Letter: A little note of thanks from the Library

Being a part of the Brandywine Community Library family is an honor and a privilege I do not take lightly. A sense of belonging to one’s community is also very important to me and also to our library. On that note, so begins the reason for my letter.

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to our Library Director Lynne. She goes over and above her duties and we are so fortunate to have her. Then there is our Children’s Librarian and our library support staff – Charlotte, Linda, Marie and Sue. You are some of the most hardworking bunch of ladies I have ever met and I admire all of you for what you do to keep our library up and running six days a week. Your creativity for event planning and ideas to keep the patrons wanting to come back to the environment you create is astounding – everything from our super successful Summer Reading Program to Teen and Adult Programs. Your customer service skills and knowledge is top notch and I cannot thank you enough. To all the others who volunteer their time to restock our shelves, add extra help to our Summer Reading Programs and keep our library clean – thank you.

Next, our Board of Trustees – Cathy, Doug, Jerri, Sandy, Marie, Dorothy, Luci and our newest member Kellie – your tenacity to be at monthly board meetings and planning of fundraisers is a great undertaking. We are all volunteering our time and it is because of our love of the library that keeps us going. Thank you for all you do. That also trickles down to our families. We could not do what we do without your support. Special thanks to Jerri and her husband Lynn for doing our book sale. This is a huge undertaking and we are very appreciative for your hard work. Also to Doug, our Treasurer, thank you for keeping us financially on track. To Kate who is going to revitalize our Friends of the Library – we thank you for heading up this organization and look forward to upcoming events you and your group will be planning.

To all the local businesses in the community who donate to our fundraisers and hang flyers in their storefronts promoting our events – you are all an integral part of our success and we look forward to your continued support for years to come. To our surrounding Townships for your annual contributions and to Diakon for allowing us to have space on their beautiful campus – thank you all.


Now, let’s see, have I forgotten anyone? Of course, how silly of me - the most important thank you of all goes to our patrons. You deserve my biggest thank you because without you there would be no library. You have been asking about the Narrow The Gap campaign we started last year and how we were doing financially. It showed that we are operating the library at a $75 per day deficit and the library was in danger of closing by next year. Because of all the generous donations we received – more than we could have ever imagined and still coming in – we can say that right now we are down to a $33 a day deficit. Unfortunately our funding was cut this coming year from the State, but we are currently okay through at least 2017! This of course hinges on flat funding in years to come with no more significant cuts, but we will cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

With the end of the year looming fast, 2014 will mark our 25th Anniversary – a major milestone. We are going to showcase many events and hope you will watch for them and participate. We want to continue to show this community how much we care and appreciate everything they do for us and that we are here to stay!

Now, before the music starts and they make me hurry up my speech like they do at the Oscars – just know that this little note of thanks comes from a big place in my heart.

Thank you;

Michelle Herman

President, Board of Trustees

Brandywine Community Library