Kutztown Elementary School: What is your favorite holiday tradition?


Mrs. Orwig’s 2nd Grade Class

Every Christmas, I go to my aunt Christine’s house. There are lots of family and friends there. We all exchange presents. When we are done, we sit down to a Christmas dinner.

By Lauren

We have ornaments on the tree. Santa gives me presents.

By Zoey

My favorite holiday tradition is when my family goes to my grandmother’s house. I get to see all of my cousins there. We make cookies and the best thing is when we put the sprinkles on the cookies.

By Noah

I like this holiday tradition because I get chocolate. It is a count-down to Christmas calendar. I sit next to the Christmas tree when I open the little flap on the calendar. There is either a message to read or a piece of chocolate to eat. That is my favorite holiday tradition.


By Elise

On Christmas Eve, my family and I sing Christmas carols. We turn the radio on and sing songs together. So I totally have the Christmas spirit!

By Logan

On Christmas, my family always gets together and we hand out gifts. But this Christmas, everyone needs to buy a $10 to $15 gift and it is called the white elephant gift. My aunt, uncle, grandparents, mom, dad and brother all are involved. It will be fun!

By Paige

Every Christmas, my parents get my sister Daphne and me new ornaments. They do it because we can have ornaments on my Christmas tree. Plus, the ornaments bring back memories of the other years. Last year I got a sparkly golden high heel shoe!

By Jesse

My favorite holiday tradition is to bake cookies with my mom. We bake gingerbread cookies. My job is to mix the ingredients together.

By Julian

My favorite holiday tradition is to help my dad get the Christmas tree out of the basement. We usually put it on the floor, but we have to put it on the Lego table this year.

By Gabriel

I like when it’s Christmas time because I get to visit my grandmother’s grave every year. Then I get presents at my dad’s house. My dad gets a tree every year because my family loves to celebrate Christmas!

By Eli

My favorite Christmas tradition is when Daddy puts lights outside so Santa can find us.

By Andy

Santa brings me presents. We put stockings and Christmas trees up.

By Atreyu

Every Christmas, my family bakes chocolate chip cookies. My sister and I put the ingredients in. My dad and I eat the left-over cookie dough. That’s my favorite family tradition.

By Kaley

Every Christmas Eve my family always goes to my Nana’s house to have a Christmas party. We exchange presents and play a lot of games. As soon as I get home, I have to go to sleep.

By Anthony

My favorite holiday tradition is when we make our Christmas lists. Every year my family makes these lists because we don’t always go to Santa and tell him what we want. Sometimes we go to the Airport Diner for Christmas after we open our presents. I love making Christmas lists!

By Gabriella

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is having my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Janette come to my house. My Uncle Chuck gives me presents. When my relatives go home, we head to church. Before I go to sleep, we lay out cookies for Santa.

By Tyler

My favorite family tradition is going to my Grandma’s house. The reason is because my Uncle Darryl and my Aunt Missy come to eat at our family dinner. We open our holiday presents and we play games. We even watch the Christmas parade. That’s what I do for my holiday tradition.

By Kendall

My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with my mom and dad. My job is to put all the ornaments on. My favorite ornament is a purple twisty one. Have a holly, jolly Christmas.

By Keyra

Every Christmas I help to bring up the tree from the basement. We put it together and my whole family decorates it. When we are done, we take a picture of it and my mom puts it on Facebook.

By Bryce