On the Record: It was a Keith Urban Christmas at Hummingbird Hill

Landon Hevalow plays his Kieth Urban guitar. Photo provided by Carol Quaintance
Landon Hevalow plays his Kieth Urban guitar. Photo provided by Carol Quaintance
Carol Quaintance
Carol Quaintance

Every year I have a Christmas/ New Year theme party for my children and grandchildren. Last year it was hats and gadgets. This year it was Keith Urban guitars and Kuerig Coffee makers. Family gifts rather than individual gifts.

One night, while watching HSN, the home shopping channel, I was fascinated to see Keith Urban strumming and singing and dancing across the screen. Hmm... I thought it was very interesting; I never saw performers before on the shopping channel.

He put on quite a show, and soon I was visualizing my family members playing and singing. Next, I was picking up the phone and ordering two acoustic electric guitars: one black for the ‘entertainers’ and one brown for the ‘cowboys.’

Well, let me explain. My daughter Lori Sue is married to a man who has a love for Elvis the King and the entire family sings Elvis on a regular basis. “Polk Salad Annie” is my favorite. They attend a lot of Christian concerts and are constantly on the move with band, chorus, plays and church activities.


Her son Landon Hevalow has an entire act to American Trilogy, which he performs with his awesome bass voice and Elvis moves for his school and friends.

His sister Julia is a ballerina want- to- be rock star, who is just waiting to be discovered!

A talent show -- that’s it! We will have a talent show, I thought. Now let me introduce the cowboys.

My son Darren Quaintance, owner of Morgantown’s French Creek Farriers, has four boys along with some other young men, Tom and Darron, who have become part of the family. His wife Gloria is the only female in the family besides some of the animals. Chickens, donkeys, horses, dogs, cats can be found dwelling on their small farm from time to time.

Darren occasionally plays the guitar at church. The family has a love for Wind River Ranch in Colorado, where they have a real down-home bible study, country singing, line dancing, cowboy games and horses. Often they can also be found horse-shoeing and branding cows in the Tri County area.

My youngest grandchild, Joshua, listened to all my stories and came in costume as Darth Vader. He recited his poems, sitting them on a music stand and his Mom brought their laptop and speakers so she could cue the music to his song. Good little singer!

Darron, a friend from Tennessee they met at the ranch, had just come back from military deployment. His father is an itinerant poet. From his smart phone he recited several of his catchy poems that are scheduled to become cards, and posters.

It was a really fun and different party. They all fell in love with the guitars and lessons are in the future for four of the grandchildren.

The talent show ended with CUPS – it is a song where they clap hands and sing and move the cup. Who knew!

As for Keith Urban, we thank him as he gets ready for the new American Idol season. HSN introduced the new URBAN Guitar Collection on Nov. 3 and promptly sold more than 20,000 of these collectible guitars, each signed and marked with his phoenix logo, which is tattooed on his arm.

According to HSN, “Keith’s first appearance on the network marks the largest guitar debut ever for the retailer.”

The URBAN™ Guitar Collection features two versions of the “Phoenix Edition” guitar, an electric and acoustic/electric. It includes a 21-piece set with a custom amplifier, coated guitar strings, embroidered guitar strap, guitar picks, instructional DVDs featuring one-on-one lessons from Keith and more.

Keith is currently headlining his “Light The Fuse Tour.” He uses his signature Phoenix guitar, the same one that sold out on HSN. Then he signs the guitar and gives it away to one lucky fan in the audience.

Go “entertainers and cowboys!” Make your Mom Mom Proud!

What holiday traditions does your family have? Any Elvis or Kieth Urban fans out there? What’s your favorite song? We want to hear from you! I am listening on and off the record. Email your reply with name and town to quaintancecarol@gmail.com and your response could end up in next week’s issue!