Letter to the Editor: Waging War On #PAX (PEACE) 2014

Dear Editor;

I am too young to remember, but old enough to imagine, snow in a completely different way than now. At one time we mostly lived on farms, and new snow was a winter blanket to protect the earth, and slow release water for spring growth. It made for easy travel by sled for adults and goods, not just play things. The unbroken blanket sparkles in sunlight, and especially moonlight. It brought peace, it was grace.

Now its a war on snow, mobilize, prepare, plow it, salt it, take it away in trucks. Instead of a profound silence and crisp cleanliness in the air, it’s blower noise, gas fumes, middle aged men dying to shovel, and ?ghting over parking spaces cleared of “heart attack snow.” Road clearing costs taxes, there is a “negative economic impact”, the mall didn’t open for a day, some of?ce desks were empty.

When and why did we chose to live ?ghting “heart attack snow” instead of resting under a peaceful protective blanket, a manifestation of Grace?

This reaction to winter storm #PAX 2014 makes me feel I was born too late. Maybe we all were.


George Paterno