On the Record with Carol: Readers speak on the record about potholes

Carol Quaintance
Carol Quaintance

I asked. You responded.

Last week, I let readers know that the Tri County Record has great interest to interact with you, the reader. My question about potholes certainly was met with different perspectives.

“Oh, the woes of those nasty potholes, they fill them and then “kerplunk,” they return again. What’s with that? Does anyone else notice?”

Kim Williams, Reading

“Potholes are everywhere, it is like driving through a mine field. They are dangerous because everyone is swerving here and there to avoid them. With all the melting snow, sometimes you think you are driving through a puddle, but really underneath is a giant crater, sometimes of meteor size proportions. People really need to be aware and drive slowly because they pop up all of a sudden.”

Alice Moran, Honey Brook

“Wednesday, March 12, on my way to Lancaster, I saw Elverson Borough had Rte. 23 down to one lane and they were fixing the potholes. One piece of advice, Pughtown Road is a mess. Avoid it at all costs.”


Joan Warren, Elverson

Thank you for your responses and keep writing. Whatever your topic. Again I say this is your public forum. I am listening on the record. What say you?

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