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Carol Quaintance
Carol Quaintance


Spring has finally arrived and Christians will soon be approaching Holy Week. The holiest time of the year in the Christian calendar. From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday those who celebrate Lent have been in a prayerful mode of atonement and spiritual seeking following the way of the Cross.

Palm Sunday, April 13, commemorates Christ riding into Jerusalem on a donkey with his followers waving palms and shouting “Hosanna”. Then the Last Supper, followed by the agony of Good Friday and the cross leading us to crucifixion and finally the Alleluia of Easter and the Risen Lord.

I was asked by one of my readers who leads a Bible School to discuss the new movies, ‘Noah’ and ‘Son of God’. Has Hollywood caught the spirit of God? Or has Hollywood been inspired by large profits that these type of movies pull in?

I have also been asked about Bill O’Reilly’s, Fox TV host and author, latest book “Killing Jesus.” The title might be offensive to those who believe he is resurrected. It is worth the read to learn about the historical Jesus, the man whose life so changed the world that at the very least it changed how we measure time.


The account brings to light the historical data of the world Jesus was born into, including its politics, decadence, the power of Egypt, the Romans, and the Jewish leaders of the day. It lifts a veil from the religiosity of the Bible stories and reveals what life was like and how the masses were longing for security and peace. I am sure many of you will have comments on this book.

The movie “Noah” is creating quite a stir. The writer and producer having taken a large poetic license on a small part of the book of Genesis. Discussions abound: was there really a flood, did Noah believe in God, is it an allegorical symbolism of water and baptism? Who has seen the movie and what can you share. Let’s talk!

I remember “The Ten Commandments” and “The Passion of the Christ” to name a few Christian blockbusters. They are classics. What place will these latest movies hold in film history? What place will they hold in the hearts and minds of moviegoers?

Often when I cover stories in the Tri County Area, I think of it as Hoy Ground. Where William Penn began his religious experiment bringing the Ana Baptist from the Rhineland to establish religious freedom. His friendship with the Lenape Indians forging a friendship with the new settlers. The drive down Rte., 23 reveals the old settlers Amish farms and church steeples of many different sects of people of God.

As I write I know I am speaking to The Amish, The Mennonites, The Catholics, The Baptists and a host of Protestant followers and well as the agnostics and atheists.

This is your public forum you choose the topic and I open the conversation I need your responses. I am listening On and Off The Record.