Letter to the Editor: Sharing joys of small town life with NYC children

Dear Editor;

This summer, The Fresh Air fund needs more host families to carry out its great summer time tradition of sharing the joys of country and small town life with children from New York City, picking berries straight from the vine, tasting honeysuckles for the first time or walking barefoot in the grass!

The Fresh Air works with after school programs and other organizations in the City, who know the children, where the parents can sign up for Fresh Air program. Each summer thousands of volunteer host families in 13 northeastern states and Canada provide free summer vacations to needy New York City children.

Our family has enjoyed sharing with children through the years, like Irving who had a great sense of humor and made us laugh. It was good for us to learn know children of other cultures and nationalities!

Fishing, catching fireflies and swimming are things we enjoyed together!


To learn more about The Fresh Air program go to www.freshair.org.

Thank you, Fern Mohler

West Nantmeal