On the Record with Carol: Educating children of the Tri County area

Carol Quaintance
Carol Quaintance

Your responses to the information Lisa Mitchell (Tri County Record editor) and I gave to you at our Village Library Tea and was published online and in print have stirred up a flurry of requests for stories.

One of those topics is education. Aside from traditional public school, last week I wrote a story on a Christian bible study, Puppies and Prayer.

PA law allows for public school students to have one hour of religious education once a week. This is an important issue in what some people call “a war on Christian religion.” Does that really exist?

The Tri County Record wants to tell the continuing story of this land of liberty that is so close to the cradle of freedom, Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was declared in 1776.


You are living the story that was born in 1776. A great portion of the story is the ‘story of education’. I need your help. We have gone from one room school houses to private and religious schools in addition to our public schools.

In addition homeschooling has a large presence in our communities and now with increased technology cyber schooling exists. How and why do parents make these choices? What are the pros and cons? Are parents feeling threatened by societal changes and trying to protect their children by doing their own teaching? Are the schools being threatened by government changes we hear about in the news?

So for this month’s question, as the school year is winding down I would like to hear from representatives of all of the above. I am looking for responses from school administers, teachers and students from both public and private school as well as homeschooling organizations and families as well.

Do you encourage college or technical education for your children? In this great land of farming, how are we educating future farmers? What about trades? How do students get apprenticeships? Locally, we have a large diversity of education.

What say you? I am listening On the Record. I encourage your comments or what might lead to a full story to tell to our readers. It is your story to tell. Concerns, religious issues, socialization, or a way to help your children excel… I need your input. Please send name and town for publication.

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