Letter to the Editor: Chief Stolz's Resignation

Dear Editor,

I was one who was in attendance at the Caenarvon Township supervisors meeting on May 13. The supervisors surprised most of those in attendance when they opened the meeting, quickly recessed and then came out with the announcement to accept the resignation of Chief Stolz. They then voted 4-0 to accept it. I was there, as were most attendee, to support the chief as the rumors circulating throughout the community that there were personal issues and agendas behind this move and there is just going to be an internal promotion. Now that this has taken place and I have had an opportunity to mull it over; I would like to express a couple of issues at stake. The privileged, elected supervisors now have before them both a tremendous responsibility and opportunity.

On the responsibility side they owe it to this great community to get an individual who is equally or more qualified than the fine chief who has resigned, which I realize is going to be difficult to do. I would certainly expect them, as they said that they would, to go outside and advertise and entertain applications from anywhere. Many times getting fresh blood from the outside is great for a growing community like ours. If there is an internal promotion the supervisors should be able to show that the individual has equal to or superior qualifications than Chief Stolz.

On the opportunity side they can re instill some confidence in the elected officials depending on how they proceed from here. If they take their time to allow applications to come in and they look for the most qualified individual to replace the chief having in mind the best for the community then they have done their duty well. If on the other hand they quickly go through the process and simply promote internally then the suspicions circulating in the community will be enhanced. The suspicions being that this will demonstrate these elected officials operate as a microcosm of what we see happening in politics in general. In general we see our elected officials being elected expecting them to represent and do what is best for their constituents but once they get into office they function with personal issues and agendas getting in the way. In this situation it would seem to indicate that, although Mr. Styer would say to the contrary, this is simply a very good chief being forced out because of some personal issues and an internal promotion coming because of personal relationships with individuals on the supervisorís board.

As I looked around that room last week there were many who have generations in this community. I felt like a recent immigrant having been part of this for only 40 + years. I would like to challenge the supervisors to step up to the plate, set aside any personal issues and agendas and bring in the best possible individual to replace the fine Chief Paul Stolz. I wish him the very best as he serves another community which is our loss and their gain.


Dr. Gordon Donaldson

Former resident of Caernarvon Township

Physician, sole-proprietor of Morgantown Family Practice in Caenarvon Township