Admiring Basile's integrity

I’d like to address the integrity of Andrew Basile and the manner of how both candidates ran their campaigns in response to the article in last week’s paper May 28, 2014 “Incumbent Maloney defeats Basile in primaries.” Many lies, untruths and dirty tactics were used to attack Mr. Basile, mostly though mailers. When, in fact, none of the negative material written about Andrew Basile was true. Mr. Basile’s record and commitment to this community have been nothing but admirable from his days as school board president to his loyalty to serve his community. We owe this man a salute of gratitude from what he has accomplished and how he has served his community.

Others owe him an apology. When his opponent’s campaign turned unkind, Mr. Basile stood tall to his moral integrity. He didn’t get personal not did he employ any type of political smearing. Instead, he challenged his opponent to numerous debates. Why Mr. David Maloney didn’t answer the challenge, makes me wonder.

I spoke with Representative Maloney by phone about the dirty mailers distributed to smear Andrew Basile and I was told that the HRCC was responsible for them. So I’m to believe that the HRCC deployed these tactics without Mr. Maloney’s consent and that Mr. Maloney’s hands are completely clean?

I congratulate Mr. Maloney on his primary victory and hope he rises to challenge his Democratic opponent this fall. I hope Mr. Maloney will defend the 130th district with dignity and respect …….. the same Integrity as Andrew Basile would have done.



William Woodruff, Douglassville