Letter to the Editor Drugs in schools? Solution: bring God back into classroom

To whom it may concern:

A number of weeks ago, there was an article in the Kutztown Patriot about the drug problem in the Kutztown schools and Brandywine schools. To be brief about my concern, the leaders that spoke about the problem it appears cant find a solution to end this.

Dont these educated men and women hold a positive view of our God and His Holy Bible? In this book are all the answers to problems.

All that our society needs to do is bring God back into the classroom and teach our young people what the consequences are when we practice sin and push God on the back burner, just in case we need Him!

Our young people are headed to be worldly citizens and not God-fearing Christians.


Sincerely in the Service of Christ

Rev. Lloyd H. Herbert, Kutztown