Letter to the Editor: Two sides to every story, reader responds to support Rep. David Maloney

Editor’s Note: The following is in response to the article “Reader admires Basile’s integrity” that ran in The Southern Berks News June 4 edition.

Yes, an apology is due, to Rep. David Maloney.

Rep. Maloney and his campaign supporters were repeatedly accused of stealing and defacing candidate Andrew Basile signs leading up to the primary election on May 20. Questions about proof, did Maloney know of this, went unanswered. Yet, the Basile side demanded public apologies.

Mr. Basile’s campaign focused greatly on character assassination, with an exceptionally derogatory attack on David’s education and career. This is Mr. Basile “standing tall to his moral integrity?” The author of this opinion piece states that Mr. Basile, “did not get personal, did not employ any type of political smearing.” Did said author look at the flyers sent out from the Basile campaign? Mr. Basile did not call to congratulate Rep. Maloney on winning this race. Another example of “standing tall to his moral integrity?”


As my husband and I worked polls on primary day, we received unsolicited comments from voters who were so disgusted by negative ads from Mr. Basile’s camp (approved by Mr. Basile), that they would not vote for Mr. Basile.

I have known David and his wife for several years now. I have yet to hear either of them slander or in any way besmirch anyone. I cannot say the same for Andrew Basile or his supporters.

Mr. Basile showed no respect to the office by declaring debates would be on his chosen dates. Did he forget he was the challenger?

The author is apparently a friend of Mr. Basile’s. That’s fine. But you do yourself no favors when you blindly follow anyone.

There are always two sides to every story.


Janet Gilbert, Boyertown