Letter to the Editor: Silk Mill Project - Another Point Of View

Dear Editor,

I am very much in favor of the Silk Project that is being proposed for Willow Street in Kutztown.

First let me say that I am NOT related to, married to, or in any other way associated with the group that has formulated this Project. I have researched the group, though, and studied the facilities that they have already had built - not only here in Kutztown, but in other places. They do a first rate job of designing and maintaining those facilities.

The Silk Mill Project is NOT a student housing design. They already have one of those in town and run it well. I have toured the old Silk Mill on Willow Street and it is an amazing place. The loft apartments that are proposed for there would be wonderful for young professionals who work in the surrounding areas such as Trexlertown, Allentown, Reading and all places in between, but do not want to live in a larger city atmosphere. The large H shaped building that is proposed is targeted for older folks, like myself who love this area but are getting to the age where maintaining a large property will one day become too much for us, yet, we would like to stay in the Kutztown area that we love so much.

I can understand the view point of some people who would like to see industry return to that Willow Street area. However, I think that is a dream that will not happen. For over 30 years the Silk Mill has sat there and some vandalism has occurred with the present structures.


I urge Kutztown Borough Counsel to approve the overlay that is needed to allow this Project to proceed. I believe it would revitalize that area and the people that would live there would shop in the Kutztown area.

Respectfully Nancy Unger , Maxatawny Township