Letter from AARP: ‘Maintain good health as you age’

Preventative care is the most important thing someone can do to maintain good health as they age. As an AARP volunteer and member, I have had the privilege of being educated on how my insurance can help me prevent illness and avoid being sick.

Many people associate health care with something they rely on when they become sick and need to go to the doctor, but health care can also be used when you’re healthy to stop sickness from happening. Most insurance plans now cover a wide range of immunizations and screenings which allow you to maintain your good health.

To avoid illnesses and the cost associated with them, AARP teaches the 50+ community to stay on top of their preventative care. In fact, most insurance plans now cover dozens of preventive health care services such as colonoscopy, diabetes screening, flu shots, high blood pressure screening, shingles vaccine, smoking cessation, and screening for obesity and weight loss counseling.

It’s never been easier and more affordable to obtain preventive services like those now that most insurance plans cover them. However, to receive the benefits of preventive services you must sign up for health insurance.


AARP is encouraging the community to make wellness a family affair with a funny AARP e-card. Family members can go on to www.mommeansit.org and send the e-card out as a reminder to those they know without health care to sign up. Open enrollment for 2015 coverage starts up again November 15 and runs through February 15.

Ruth Glover Butler, AARP Volunteer