Letter to the Editor: Thank you for helping our pet live a happy and healthy life

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, to Dr. Lauren Jones and all the techs and staff at Country Companion Animal Hospital in Morgantown who helped our pet live a happy and healthy life through nine months of treatment for heart disease.

The inevitable occurred on Feb. 1, 2015, as Rufus, our boxer, could no longer tolerate the almost biweekly abdominal fluid tappings. Being on five different medicines for a period of nine months and gradually slowing down, it just became time to allow him to rest in peace. Dr. Jones and a tech, Shannon, even came in on a Saturday and Sunday of that final weekend to offer some relief and finally put Rufus to rest. I found out that Saturday, too, that another doctor, Dr. Casey Kurtz, built a small machine, months ago, to make the tapping process less time consuming for Rufus and less physically painful for him and the doctor and techs who actually performed the procedure.

Country Companion was like Rufus’ second home and he was loved there. The sadness felt by my family during his final moments was sadness also felt by Dr. Jones and Shannon. Country Companion helped my pet live a happy and healthy life in spite of an inherited medical condition, a condition that often causes an animal’s demise within weeks of diagnosis. We cannot thank Country Companion enough for the love, kindness, care and friendship that was offered by their wonderful doctors and staff. My family and Country Companion are now connected forever by the memories of a great dog named Rufus.

Ida Schiaroli, Elverson