Sound Off with Carol: Community talks about medical marijuana Part 2

In the Aug. 1 Tri County Record, we printed “On the Record with Carol: Medical Marijuana, What’s the Real Buzz

We asked readers to share their personal thoughts and stories regarding medical marijuana. We published them in Sounds Off with Carol in the Aug. 8 issue and comments continued to pour in.

Michael Nowotarski of Morgantown wrote, “Dear Carol, as a Veteran of the United States Navy, I have met a lot of fellow veterans who have PTSD. One fellow that I worked with was in Vietnam. He would tell me of the atrocities he saw and having to watching some of his fellow soldiers die in front of his face. The ship I served on was designed to land the Marines on the beach. They saw the rockets’ red glare and the bombs bursting in air. I didn’t and I don’t have PTSD.

For the ones who saw action I think medical marijuana would be an excellent prescription to help them cope with the flashbacks at night and the fear of loud sounds popping around them. If you think about it there’s all kinds of pills prescribed for people suffering with depression resulting from the end of a marriage or the loss of a loved one to help them with their pain and suffering. After the rockets’ red glare or the bombs bursting in air, our flag was still there and our flag stands today because of the veterans that fought for our freedom. It’s time we free them from their pain and suffering I’m all for medical marijuana for PTSD if medical science deems it the answer to this torture of our veterans.”


Cindy Wlazelek posted on our Northeast Berks News Facebook page, “Medical marijuana shouldn’t be more restrictive than tobacco. Just as that of cigarettes, I can’t stand the smell of it, so I don’t want to have any smoke wafting on me.”

This following reply was a common one.

Linda Jacobs from Morgantown wrote, “What worries me is that if people are taking it and driving, that would be like driving when you are intoxicated.”

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