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Olympic Day with Para Olympian: More than 300 campers from across Berks met Para-Olympian Tyler Carter and competed in field events

By Lisa Mitchell|

NEW BEGINNINGS: First trip to Europe brings back memories of past travels

Much of life seems to be made up of a series of mundane occurrences that happen day after day — alarm sounds, press snooze, get up, brush teeth, dress, and on and on it goes. ...

By Jarreau Freeman @JarreauFreeman on Twitter |


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    Felicia Fisher’s Slice of Life: Pineapple Peach Pops

    We all have things we hate. For two of my children, the squeaking of Styrofoam sends them into a tizzy and, coincidentally, both my husband and I detest those wooden spoons that accompany Italian ices. For one of my daughters, it’s peach fuzz. She refuses to touch the skin of a peach. She even makes the customers bag their own at our farm stand.

    By Felicia Fisher Columnist |

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    August ‘Healthy Me’ Walk in the Park with the Boyertown community announced

    Get some fresh air and have a healthy season! Join St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Chestnut Knoll Personal Care and Memory Care, the Boyertown Lions Club, the Rotary Club, and the Kiwanis Club for an Intergenerational Walk in the Park on Saturday, August 1 at 10 a.m.

    From Chestnut Knoll |

  • Entertainment

    ‘ART Attack’ resurrected throughout for summer 2015

    Boyertown’s Studio B, 39A East Philadelphia Ave., has resurrected “ART Attack,” a show of artwork in all media. The show opened on June 26 and runs through August 29.

    From Studio B |

  • Announcements

    Battles at Boone: A Revolutionary War Encampment event to be held

    The Friends of the Daniel Boone Homestead are excited to offer another living history encampment featuring between 100-150 participants. Visitors will be immersed in eighteenth century military and home life and will witness firsthand the colonial hardships both on the battlefield and off.

    From the Daniel Boone Homestead |

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    Oley Valley Feed’s 2015 Purina Check-R-Board Days announced

    Oley Valley Feed is announcing their 2015 Purina Check-R-Board Days, a customer appreciation event.

    From Van Leuven Communications |

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    This Saturday - 2015 Eastwood Summer Classic kicks off in Pottstown

    Take a step back in time with the 2015 Eastwood Summer Classic, where special interest vehicles will capture the attention of both young and old alike.

    By Gailynne M. Ferguson For Berks-Mont News |

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    Boyertown community celebrates van purchased with donated funds

    Friends and family of Alaina Derecola of Boyertown gathered on the sidewalk in front of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church to celebrate her new van. The van was purchased with money donated by friends, family and strangers.

    By Martha Gehringer For Berks-Mont News |

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    Break-in at Elverson Borough Hall; Office equipment destroyed, computers taken

    Elverson Borough Hall had a break-in to the building recently. Office equipment was destroyed and computers taken. State Police from Chester County conducted an initial investigation of the incident. They need YOUR help, if you have ANY information, please contact the Pennsylvania State Police at 610-486-6280.

    Elverson Borough website |

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    New Holland man found unconscious due to possible overdose, police recover drug paraphernalia in residence

    On July 19 at 11:17 p.m., New Holland police responded to the home of Andersan Beamer, 24, at the 500 Block of Main Street after he was found unconscious due to a possible overdose.


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    Honey Brook Bocce Planning Committee hosts July bocce tournament

    Honey Brook’s July 18 evening bocce tournament had a flair of patriotism as the top three teams won medals in gold, silver and bronze sporting the red, white and blue of our country’s colors.

    By Tom Norlen Honey Brook Bocce Planning Committee |

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