RSS Feed from The Berks-Mont News: The latest news from The Berks-Mont News: website: all stories The Berks-Mont News Tue, 02 Sep 2014 22:24:46 -0400 60 <![CDATA[Through My Kitchen Window: Avoid the school lunch slump]]> Are you packing multiple lunches, or need a fast lunch for your preschooler or homeschooler? Here are a few quick and easy lunch ideas to keep you out of the school lunch slump.

Fill a baggie with a good handful of your favorite roasted nuts and dried fruit. Our favorite is cashews, macadamias and dried apple rings.

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<![CDATA[A Look Back in History: Colonial weathervanes of Oley Valley]]> When the early Pennsylvania Germans purchased their farming tracts from William Penn, these proud immigrants built agrarian farmsteads that rivaled their European counterparts, which naturally caused these Americans to place artistic weathervanes atop fashionable farm homes and gigantic Swiss bank barns, once the prerogative of European nobility.

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<![CDATA[Welcome to my World: Remembering visiting family and friends]]> Reprint: Published locally 2009 in Lifestyles over 50 and Berks County TV web site 2011; 2014 Country Magazine

Today, except for special occasions, holidays, and family reunions, visiting has become almost obsolete. Coming from a large family ---five sisters and four brothers---visits were simply sporadic.

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<![CDATA[From the Item editor: Taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge]]> We've seen it just about everywhere. On the various social media sites and on television when it comes to celebrities. We've seen the positive reactions and of course the negative reactions. Some may even be sick of hearing about it even if they do believe that helping out the cause is a good thing.

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<![CDATA[Small Beginnings: Feeling grateful for our beautiful country]]> We are a little behind the vacation curve as we are just gearing up for our getaway. Most folks have already gone to the beach or done a theme park or two and they have the suitcases all nicely stashed away and the hotel soap is already melted down the drain. Not us. We are just getting packed and adding the finishing touches to our itinerary.

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<![CDATA[Letter from AARP: 'Maintain good health as you age']]> Preventative care is the most important thing someone can do to maintain good health as they age. As an AARP volunteer and member, I have had the privilege of being educated on how my insurance can help me prevent illness and avoid being sick.

Many people associate health care with something they rely on when they become sick and need to go to the doctor, but health care can also be used when you're healthy to stop sickness from happening.

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<![CDATA[WTIM: Music Around Town: Sept. 3 edition]]> What's going on musically in the Berks-Mont Newspapers coverage area? A lot, and we want to help keep everyone in the know.

Local Bands and Venues

3 Sept - Open Mic w/ Black Rue at Fujiyama's Sunset Lounge (8 p.m. start)

3 Sept - Singles Going Steady at The Water Tower, Oaks (5 p.

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<![CDATA[Reel Experiences with Robert Humanick: Look-alikes Eisenburg and Simon take to the screen in 'The Double']]> Richard Ayoade's film noir-infused take on Dostoyevsky's "The Double" is successful in enough of its individual parts that it proves almost doubly disappointing in its missteps, as if a gentle, sublime spell had been abruptly broken. Echoing the dystopias of "Brazil" and "Dark City" in its vision of a society shrouded by darkness, it's a moody, sometimes thrilling tale of the struggle for humanity amid bureaucratic rule, and one aided immeasurably by the always-excellent Jesse Eisenburg.

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<![CDATA[From the Hamburg editor: How to contact the Item and submit]]> As a community newspaper, we receive many submissions from our readers. It is something that I myself look forward to as it's a way to get to know those in the community better and also see what they have been up to. There have been a few changes with our move on how to submit articles and we also have a new deadline in place.

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<![CDATA[Welcome to my World: Anita, the Riveter]]>

Reprint (2012 Berks County TV web site)

I had a story in my own backyard and didn't even know it until recently.

My husband and I moved to Allentown a few years ago. Driving around one day, I noticed Queen City Airport. I hadn't even known it existed. Knowing two of my older sisters had worked in Allentown in their teens, next time I saw them, I asked, "Did any of you ever hear of Queen City Airport?"

Anita, my then 86 year old sister, stunned me, "Why of course.

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<![CDATA[Slice of Life: Mixing Up A Pie That's Key For Summer]]> Retailers' use of interesting descriptions to depict ordinary things has always intrigued me. For instance, the color green is simply not called "green" it's often called "hunter" or "kiwi" or "moss." More recently, my admiration extends to the individuals responsible for employing fourteen different ways to depict the word "mix" on my blender.

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<![CDATA[Letter to the Editor: Support of the Willow Street Project]]> Dear Editor,

I was encouraged to write this letter in support of the Willow Street development project after reading Nancy Unger's letter that appeared in the Patriot two weeks ago.

Nancy's argument makes perfect sense to me and to other senior citizens of the borough and surrounding area who must consider "down-sizing" in the near future.

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<![CDATA[A Look Back in History: American Oral History Recalled by Natives at Salem Church Picnic]]> Sunday, August 3rd, Salem UCC Church of Spangsville, Oley Township, held its annual church picnic among the picturesque grove of trees in historic Earl Township. Frequently known as "Wood Choppertown," among the Colonial natives of Oley Township, who recalled descendants supplying the Oley Furnace and Oley Forge with charcoal to produce iron manufactured goods to meet the needs of the United States Republic during Colonial times.

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<![CDATA[From Arthur's Policy Desk: Ferguson, MO: The Mixture of Race, Crime, Police Use of Force and the Utility of Riots]]> On August 9th, Michael Brown was killed by Darren Wilson, a white police officer. As soon as the killing was made public, every politician, platitude, accusation, argument, justification, rationalization and defense that exists in these types of situations was heard on T.V. and radio. Nothing was new.

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<![CDATA[On The Record with Carol: The Wolf's at the Door]]> Monday, Aug. 19, President Barack Obama urged the Iraqis to unite because 'the wolf's at the door' and the U.S. air strikes can only accomplish so much,

He may as well have said, "The gates of hell are open." The barbarism is escalating and the question is "ISIS, are they already here?"

Every American needs to turn on their cell phones, their TVs, their radios, go on the web and read the paper.

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