RSS Feed from The Berks-Mont News: The latest news from The Berks-Mont News: website: all stories The Berks-Mont News Thu, 28 May 2015 03:57:35 -0400 60 <![CDATA[Felicia Fisher's Slice of Life: Ice cream makerless strawberry ice cream]]> I've concluded that the lack of decent customer service in today's world is, in effect, a lack of integrity. Entry level employees simply do not care if they're doing their job well and this became apparent to me on several occasions this week including snide comments by a cashier coupled with the failure of a customer service representative to follow up with a telephone call as promised leaving me to wonder if my mixer parts will ever be delivered.

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<![CDATA[Welcome to my World: My front porch]]> Reprint: 2008 in local paper, Lifestyles, 2012 on Berks County TV web site.

Today, families -- including me -- have a deck in the back of their homes. The deck in my backyard surrounds a gorgeous dogwood tree, set in an open box. It is the place for picnics, fun, and games with family and friends.

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<![CDATA[The Historian: Cazenove's journey through Pennsylvania, 1794]]> As often noted, the Germanic farmers and tradesmen who largely populated this region during the early days kept few, if any, personal records. Occasionally, though, travelers and visitors recorded details of their visits which are useful to historians. Fortunately one visitor, with the unlikely name of Theophile Cazenove, kept a brief journal which is densely rich with specific details and solid facts about what he found here in 1794.

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<![CDATA[Ask Esther: They Need To Love What They See]]> Dear Esther - We are ready to sell our home so we contacted a realtor to get it on the market. She gave us a long list of items to do before selling. We have always taken good care of our property and feel the list is unnecessary. She even suggested hiring a stager to help us with this. How important is it to have everything perfect when selling?

If you're interested in getting the most for your home and want it to sell sooner rather than later, it is very important to have your property as close to perfect as possible.

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<![CDATA[Focus on the Family: Parent searching for advice on how to help son lose weight]]> Q: Do you have any advice for the parent of a preteen child who's extremely overweight? I want to help him lose weight while he's young, before it becomes a serious problem later in life.

Jim: It's great that you want to see your child live a long and healthy life -- starting now! Childhood obesity is a serious problem.

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<![CDATA[On the Record with Carol: Sometimes God just walks right into your life when you're not even looking]]> This Memorial Day I will be going to Washington, D.C. with my daughter-in-law Gloria Quaintance and my two grandsons Caleb and Joshua.

My grandsons are home schooled and it will be a huge history lesson since we will travel with SFC. Harry Heater, retired, and his son SFC. Keith Heater, retired, and their family.

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<![CDATA[Person to Person Impact: Photographic Memories Part #1]]> Now that the six part series of the adventures of Beetle Bailey's Protégé has concluded, I would like to start an intermittent mini-series of Photographic Memories. This will include a photo and the memories attached to it which are contained in my small memory box, each representing a fun, serious or emotional time in my life.

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<![CDATA[A Look Back in History: The Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick Maker: Our Kutztown Folk Festival Craftsman]]> Among the iconic craftsman that have always made up our Colonial ethnic natives of the Pennsylvania people, have been the historic tradesmen that have been long remembered for their craftsmanship, enabling immigrant natives to survive in a somewhat hostile pioneer environment. Key tradesmen who represented the community's life blood in Colonial times, and these historic individuals played a significant role in Pioneer Folklife until the birth of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century.

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<![CDATA[Small Beginnings: Driving with stinkbugs]]> The other day I was driving along in my car, minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye I caught a subtle flash of movement on the console. Being alone in the car, there should not be anything moving anywhere that is not attached to me, so naturally this motion alerted my curiosity.

I glanced in that general direction and much to my horror I saw that I actually had a travelling companion -- a stinkbug was hitching a ride with me.

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<![CDATA[Welcome to my World: Sisterhood]]> Sisterhood! It's supposed to be fun! My sister, Gladys, was two years older than me. As far back as I can remember, I had this love-hate relationship with her. When I complained about Gladys to my older sisters, they'd always tell me, "We all fought with the sister, that was closest in age, when we were kids.

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<![CDATA[Felicia Fisher's Slice of Life: Bittersweet rhubarb]]> As much as I detest the word "ignorant", it does sufficiently describe my relationship with rhubarb. Prior to marrying my husband and trying the creations baked up by his two Pennsylvania Dutch grandmothers I had no clue it even existed. Even to this day rhubarb perplexes me. Who in the world first picked it and decided it should be turned into dessert? I can't help but wonder how celery, which for all intents and purposes resembles rhubarb, became suited for soup or casserole and rhubarb is delegated to desserts.

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<![CDATA[Welcome to my World: A 'nice' casual horse and buggy ride]]> It was 1994. My five sisters and I were invited to the Big Island of Hawaii by our brother, Lester, and his wife, Ruth. They are both retired schoolteachers, who rent a condo on the Big Island, a few months of the year. This is where my sister and I had our infamous "nice" casual horse and buggy ride.

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<![CDATA[Welcome to my World: Mother's Day gifts]]> Over the years, I've received what you would call "normal" type Mother's Day gifts, everything from hand-made cards, candy, flowers and clothing, from my children. I'm now a retired mother and my children -- three daughters and a son -- are raising families of their own.

My son has always given me the normal type Mother's Day gifts, even poems he wrote himself, that I cherish.

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<![CDATA[Welcome to my World: Mom, in sickness and in health]]> With the raising of ten children, Mom never called a doctor, unless she had to. Even in her elderly years, she did her best to stay out of the doctor's office. She could cure most anything. Sometimes it was her wonder drugs. Other times she healed with words of comfort, often with laughter.

Mom told us she always wanted lots of children.

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<![CDATA[Felicia Fisher's Slice of Life: Sugar and spice]]> Baking is excellent therapy. On days filled with aggravation (of which I've had too many of late), I find that baking is extremely therapeutic. Baking provides me with an opportunity for solitude and to simply forget whatever it is that is irritating me and, in the end, I have the satisfaction of providing bliss in baked form to someone else (as well as myself because I don't grow tired of eating what I bake).

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