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I am submitting a letter in response to a recent Jeffrey Hall book review about the Holocaust.

It seems to me that starting the review with a Christian Bible quote and emphasizing in the first paragraph, and later throughout the review, the place of faith and God ("Carrie and her family passed this test of faith with flying colors") places an emphasis on religion which may or may not be germane to the motivation of why humans take great risks to help others who are in danger - thereby causing danger or death to themselves.

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<![CDATA[Letter to the Editor: What ails this nation?]]> Dear Editor:

I vowed I would never write anything again, but I am so frustrated about what really ails America and its future that I hope to find some relief in doing so.

Let's start with the formation of this nation over 200 years ago. Is there anyone, with any form of knowledge of history, able to believe that the Representatives of the 1st U.

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<![CDATA[Letter to the Editor: Employee paycheck protection is needed now]]> On Feb. 6, Commissioner Mark Scott and I voted to support Employee Paycheck Protection by passing resolution 41.14. You can read the resolution on the Berks County website homepage . With all the important issues facing Berks County, why have we chosen to bring attention to this particular problem? Because it's the right thing to do both morally and fiscally.

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