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I don't usually read through the Tri County Record but I am glad I saw your article this week. Very interesting. Vietnam? I was 4 F in 1961 and couldn't go in the army or Navy (my preference) so by 1965 I was raising a family and only reading about the horrors of Vietnam. Now I have missionary friends serving in Cambodia.

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<![CDATA[Letter to the Editor: Domestic violence and rape are an epidemic in America]]> I would like to add my voice to the recent letter fromT he Women's Rights Coalition of Southern Chester County regarding domestic violence and rape. Senator Pat Toomey appears to be grossly indifferent to funding programs to protect women from domestic violence and women and girls who have been raped.

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<![CDATA[Letter to the Editor: Upgrade 222, it is time for PennDOT to be held accountable]]> On March 11, PennDOT sent a response to each of the 431 people who participated in the US 222 e-mail campaign calling for a 4-lane, limited access bypass to replace the current 2-lane road between Reading and Allentown. There was nothing new in its content. In particular, there was not the slightest indication of any intention to begin planning this critical upgrade.

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<![CDATA[Letter to the Editor: Stop voting against programs that help people who are in distress]]> Dear editor:

I'm writing this letter in response to Sen. Toomey's votes against victims of domestic violence and abuse. He has voted three times to defund programs that protect women from domestic violence, including ones that combat violence against women. He also voted against providing transitional housing assistance for victims of domestic violence.

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<![CDATA[Letter to the Editor: Thank you, volunteers, for your shoveling help]]> This winter we have had more snow and ice than in an average year. As senior citizens living on West Main Street of Kutztown, my husband and I appreciate the opportunity to have younger volunteers from Operation Snowflake help us to clear the sidewalk in front of our home and yard.

When we checked our walkways early Sunday morning on February 22nd, we saw the four plus inches of snow and realized we will need to shovel again before we could try to go to our church in the Oley Valley.

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<![CDATA[Letter to the Editor: PennDOT does not feel a bypass is viable solution to safety and capacity issues on US 222 corridor]]> Regarding efforts by local advocates on behalf of an expressway option for the Route 222 corridor north of Reading, I wanted to explain some factors.

PennDOT does not feel a bypass is a viable solution to the safety and capacity issues on the US 222 corridor. The devastating environmental impacts, long-term time frame, and astronomical cost are all concerns that we feel preclude a bypass as an answer to US 222.

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<![CDATA[Letter to the Editor: Thank you for helping our pet live a happy and healthy life]]> Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, to Dr. Lauren Jones and all the techs and staff at Country Companion Animal Hospital in Morgantown who helped our pet live a happy and healthy life through nine months of treatment for heart disease.

The inevitable occurred on Feb. 1, 2015, as Rufus, our boxer, could no longer tolerate the almost biweekly abdominal fluid tappings.

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