Boyertown Area School District And Boyertown Area Education Association Announce A Four Year Collective Bargaining Agreement

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, the Boyertown Area School District and the Boyertown Area Education Association announced that they have reached a letter of intent on a new four year collective bargaining agreement.

The district and the BAEA. have had a long-standing positive relationship highlighted by never having a work stoppage. Additionally, the two groups have had limited grievances over the past decade. Part of the legacy of the school board has been a positive relationship with the BAEA and all employee groups.

During a short period of time, the district and the BAEA were able to agree to a sustainable agreement that provides labor peace to the district, an atmosphere of job security for the BAEA members and allows the District to continue offering the programs, curriculum and co-curricular activities that make the District a special place. Some highlights of this agreement are:

The parties have agreed to sustainable salary increases for educators over the term of the agreement:


o Year 1 – 0.5%

o Year 2 – 0.5%

o Year 3 – 0.75%

o Year 4 – 1.0%

Co-curricular salaries will increase by 1% on scale annually.

Job protection through the 2016-2017 school year.

Health benefits structure changes along with increased premiums for the members.

A 190 day teacher work year with 9 mandatory after-school meetings.

Tuition reimbursement benefit reductions.

An increase in personal days from two to three.

Gwen Semmens, President of the Boyertown Area School District Board of School Directors, stated, “I am pleased that we continue to work collaboratively with the BAEA on positive outcomes during negotiations that continue to benefit our students and the community.”

Chad Roth, President of the BAEA commented, “With this agreement, the Board of School Directors, District Administration, and Professionals employed by the district have shown their commitment to providing students with a quality education, while taking into consideration the challenges presently faced by our schools. We hope to continue working collaboratively with the District in the coming years.”

Dr. Richard H. Faidley, Superintendent, has been impressed with the positive relationship between the Board of School Directors and the BAEA, “I am confident that this agreement will continue our focus on academic excellence while demonstrating good stewardship of the financial resources provided to our District by our community.”