Front page thermometer tracks United Way of Boyertown campaign progress

The Board of the United Way of Boyertown Area thanks the Boyertown Area Times for their continued support and again featuring our Campaign Thermometer on their front page. This year, the 2013/2014 Campaign Thermometer will track the progress towards two goals: the Overall Campaign Target of $250,000 and a Local Campaign Target of $170,000. The difference between the two targets is the designated donations that come from outside the area.

A significant portion of the United Way of Boyertown Area Campaign donations come from local residents who work outside our area. The results of their designations back to our local United Way are delayed, in some cases for many months. This long delay masks the true progress towards meeting the overall campaign target.

Reporting separately on the donations and pledges from local residents and area businesses will provide a better tracking of the progress towards meeting the campaign targets. With the United Way of Boyertown Area Campaign now in full swing, many local residents are sending in their donations/pledges while area businesses are currently running their campaigns. Already, over $18,000 of donations and pledges has come in from local residents and businesses. Overall, just over $32,000 of donations and pledges has been made.

We need your help to reach our target!


Boyertown area residents are asked to give their tax deductible donation directly to the United Way of Boyertown Area (P.O. Box 213, Boyertown, PA 19512) or designate their payroll deductions to the Boyertown Area. Whatever size donation you are able to give is appreciated and goes to support the critical needs of our neighbors, friends, and family members. Any new or increased donation of $50 or more will be matched, dollar for dollar, by a grant from the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation.

Remember, local giving stays local!

Please contact your local United Way office at (610) 367-8716, or visit their web site at to ask for help or for answers to your questions.