Fleetwood Daisy Troop tours behind scenes at Boyer's Market, Blandon

Photos by Linda Yuengel Fleetwood Girl Scout Daisy Troop 1956 got a behind-the-scenes tour of Boyer's Market in Blandon.

Fleetwood Girl Scout Daisy Troop 1956 got a behind-the-scenes tour of Boyer’s Market in Blandon and got to go where others only imagine! The girls toured the different departments and learned where the food items are placed and why they are there. They were asked their “favorites” as they walked from one department to another. The girls quickly pointed out their favorites in the fresh vegetables and fruit sections. Behind the counters in the deli and butcher areas are well beyond the view when the girls shop with their parents. Being only a few feet tall, they don’t get to see what actually goes on from the backside of the glass showcases.

The stockroom was organized and tall beyond belief of a kindergartners/first grader. The back room refrigerator was bitter cold and when the girls were allowed to take three steps inside the large back room freezer, they giggled and ran out like they were at the North Pole!

Tour guides Dale (evening manager) and Emily (front desk manager) can make a simple grocery store appear to be a playground of every child’s food-fantasy! The tour ended with some questions and answers and even better, they all shared some cookies and milk courtesy of Boyer’s Market!

Sometimes it is the simple things that we see and do, like grocery shopping, that can turn into a fun and educational trip for a group of young ladies who wanted to learn about the items their parents put in their food pantries at home.