Gov. Mifflin HS welcomes Mrs. Hess as Associate Principal

Governor Mifflin High School has recently welcomed new Associate Principal Lisa Hess.

Hess, a graduate of Gov. Mifflin, is a former high school English teacher and taught for 16 1/2 years before accepting an administration role.

She has taught in the Reading School District for ten years before coming to Governor Mifflin. For her principal degree, Hess attended and graduated from Cabrini College, Radnor.

I always wanted to be in a leadership position, Hess said about working as a principal.


Hess worked as an English teacher at the high school until the winter break and began the position as associate principal after school reconvened on Jan. 6, 2014.

Hess is the first woman to serve as associate principal in the district. Hess said she is glad to be [give] the females have someone they can come to if they would feel uncomfortable approaching a male administrator.

As a woman in administration, Hess is an inspiration to the female students to let them see what they can accomplish themselves.

Gov. Mifflin High School has approximately 1,200 students. Hess former students of have taken to her transition to the administrator position very well. Working as associate principal gives Hess the opportunity to work with new students, as well. Its a variety of kids I get to see, she said. I have more interactions with different student every day.

As an administrator, Hess works on developing material for in-services, and curriculum. Hess does not have any immediate plans for program implementations as she is still getting her feet wet.

Her experience being a teacher has provided Hess with a fully rounded view of the position, and what is required from her. Its very important that an administrator be a teacher first, she said, adding that knowing the day to day operations in a classroom is helpful.

Hess is excited to have joined the administration team alongside Principal John Althouse and Associate Principal Dr. Timothy Dietrich and is looking forward to the future of the district.