Boone's ‘green team' storms D.C.

The Daniel Boone High School’s “Green Team,” have come along way to recently to win the Lexus Eco Air & Climate Challenge with a $10,000.00 prize. Since winning the challenge and moving forward to the Lexus Eco Final Challenge, the Green Team members Dan Downs, Alexander Doyle, John Dugan, Noah Coates, Megan Jolivette, Ian Kurtz, Elizabeth Levy, Stephanie Sievers, and Courtney Vidovich, took a trip to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. While there they presented their research to the Pennsylvania Senate’s Environmental Resources Committee,Senator Judy Schwank, Senator Scott Hutchinson, and Representative Ed Nielson and many other individuals.

The Green Team was also recognized by the Pennsylvania Senate on the Senate Floor of the State Capitol for their dedication to making a cleaner environment and for their accomplishment in winning the Lexus Eco Challenge. While the Green Team was busy elsewhere presenting their ideas in the Capitol Building, Green Team Support Staff Students Joaquim Santos, Amelia Fox, James Holowko, Nolan Hamill, and Eric Michar were presenting the team’s portable bioreactor in the Capitol Building’s East Wing Rotunda. Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley and Representative Ed Nielson stopped by the Rotunda Display where they received a presentation on how the Algae is transformed into the biofuel.

Last week the team journeyed to Washington D.C. Where they received a major scare with the weather an additionally when they were informed that the Federal Government was shut down for the day and that their presentations to Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey’s and Delaware Senator Christopher Coon’s offices in the Russell Senate Office Building, the presentation to the Department of Energy, and the White House Visit were all cancelled due to the snow storm which engulfed the Nation’s Capital. However, as the students were stranded in DC for an additional night, the team was able to reschedule their presentations in the Russell Senate Office Building and in the US Department of Energy.

Unfortunately, they were unable to reschedule their White House appointment.


During these presentations, the Green Team’s professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to the environment inspired awe in the audiences who viewed the presentation. When asked how the team did Colleen J. Ruddick from the department of energy said “It was impressive they had a great grasp and understanding of the information”

The Green Team wishes to thank the entire community for all the support during the Lexus Eco Challenge. They also invite you to visit their webpage, and to learn more about the future of algae based biofuels and future Green Team events including the 2nd Annual Parents’ Science Lab Night scheduled for 6 to 9 p.m. Feb. 19, 2014, from. You may also follow the team on their Twitter account at @GocleanGoalgae.

The Lexus Eco Final Challenge submission is due on Jan. 27, 2014. The team will find out in mid-February if they win the Final Challenge and the accompanying $30,000.00 prize. Stay tuned to their webpage to find out for yourself!