Albright College honors Nelson Mandela

Albright College is dedicated the current semester – spring 2014 – to the memory of Nelson Mandela.

Acting on the recommendation of the College’s Faculty Executive Committee, Student Government Association, and senior administration, Albright’s Board of Trustees approved the dedication at its meeting earlier this month.

The Mandela Semester will give the entire College community a chance to reflect not only on the life of the late South African president but also on the values he espoused. A variety of events over the course of the semester will be designated as Mandela Semester events. Some will focus on Mandela himself; others will explore issues related to social justice, race and class, African studies, and similar topics.

Albright’s Library has assembled a collection of resources to commemorate the Mandela Semester, and additional information, including the board resolution, is available at


Mandela had many ties with the United Methodist Church, with which the College is affiliated. He graduated from a Methodist boarding school and bonded with a Methodist chaplain during his long imprisonment.

“Mandela’s almost incomprehensible struggle and eventual victory over institutionalized racism and political inequality well reflect Albright’s motto of ‘Truth and Justice,’ said College President Lex O. McMillan III, Ph.D. “I look forward to examining his life and impact in a spirit of both celebration and thoughtful inquiry.”

From Albright College