High Point Baptist Academy holds third annual “Race for Education” April 14

Last year's Race for Education.
Last year's Race for Education.

High Point Baptist Academy is preparing its third annual walk-a-thon fundraiser called the “Race for Education” to be held on Monday, April 14th. The students and their families have helped to prepare for this event by providing mailing labels with names and addresses of possible donors. The students were encouraged to provide as many labels as possible and were awarded with various prizes. Prizes ranged from snack and candy bar prize cards to dress down days and class movie/popcorn parties.

The students have already taken time during class to write personal messages on letters to mail to their potential donors. Their goal this year is to try to raise $25,000 toward the advancement of the academy.

In past years, this fundraiser has been a huge success due to the sponsorship and donations from friends, family, and people from the community, thank you! Last year, the proceeds from the “Race for Education” enabled the school to add a program called Accelerated Reader and purchase a new library bar coding system.

In addition, the school was able to purchase thousands of new books for the library, new sports equipment, and additional computers for the technology program… just to name a few.


High Point Baptist Academy is a K-12 Christian School with stellar Christian and Academic standards at a low cost. Fundraisers like the “Race for Education” allow High Point to continue to add new programs while maintaining the lowest possible tuition.

If you would like to sponsor our students, please contact the Academy office at 610-286-5942, or send a donation to High Point Baptist Academy, Attn: Race for Education, PO Box 188, Geigertown, PA 19523.