Trip to Boyer's Market, Fleetwood, serves as lesson in nutrition

Fleetwood Girl Scout Daisy Troop 1793 visited Boyer’s Market, Fleetwood, in honor of March being National Nutrition month.

Gail, Elaine and Brianne from Boyer’s took the troop on a tour through the fruits and veggies. Then the girls had an activity to guess which fruits were higher in sugar. Then we went onto the cereal aisle and the girls learned about healthy whole grains. Each girl got to select a cereal box off the shelf that they thought was a whole grain cereal to show what they learned. They did great! They then moved onto the deli and learned about meat/proteins and finally the dairy section.

After that, each girl was able to pretend to be a cashier and had the opportunity to scan a few items at the register. Later, they headed back to our table where the ladies had prepared a wonderful buffet of snacks for us. Milks, juices, fruits, veggies, whole wheat turkey wraps and angle food cake with berries. The troop learned so much about nutrition in a very fun way!