High Point's Race for Education beats all records

Record photos High Point Baptist Academy students completed their third annual walk-a-thon, ìRace for Education" April 14.
Record photos During an assembly after the race, top boy and girl earners in each class got to tape Vice Principal Melissa Kauffman and Math Teacher Phil Cone to the gym wall.

High Point Baptist Academy, Geigertown, completed their third annual walk-a-thon Race for Education starting with high hopes and ending with high dollars.

“As of race day, they surpassed other years by reaching $29,000 (and counting) of their goal of $25,000,” said Amy May, race coordinator.

May credits the K-12 Christian school fundraiser’s success to the sponsorship and donations from friends, family and the community.

“This years’ funding will help to enhance programs by paying for equipment, keeping the curriculum current and keeping the tuition affordable,” said May.


April 14, the race ‘was on.’ Close to 240 students participated. The High Point camp grounds include a lake where water stations and markers were set up. They were arranged in groups by grade level.

They ran, they trotted, some walked at a fast pace as cheers and howls went up from the crowd. Some carried pom-poms. It was a beautiful day for the race and they were enthusiastic participants.

Then one of the highlights of the day was about to happen. A victory assembly in the gym with Colleen Bilenski taking the megaphone and announcing the winning dollars. The excitement was palpable and loud.

To top off the festivities each class put forth their highest earners.

Each student had been challenged to take home blank labels and return them filled out with name and addresses for mailing to their personal potential donors. The letters included the students’ personal messages. They had been rewarded with various prizes and treats based on their volume of participation.

But, now for the ultimate win. If they reached their goal the students won the right to tape Vice Principal Melissa Kauffman and Math Teacher Phillip Cone, to the gym wall.

Kauffman and Cone both climbed up on chairs set by the wall and the fun began as the students taped them fast to the wall, with each class the tape got thicker and thicker.

Laughter, hoots and howls took over as the big moment approached.

The Committee Members pulled the chair away that was holding up the Vice Principal. The Athletic Director pulled away the chair holding up the Math Teacher.

Suspended now only by tape, they both started to rip away from the wall as chairs no longer supported their weight.

For more information or to send a donation contact the Academy office at 610-286-5942, or write to High Point Baptist Academy, Attn: Race for Education, PO Box 188, Geigertown, PA 19523.