Daniel Boone Odyssey Of The Mind teams excel

Submitted Seventh graders from Daniel Boone Middle School, Members: Hannah Brown, Taylor Eisenhuth, David Eurillo, Emma Hartman, Chris Surkosky, Zoe Thompson, Rachel Woomer. Coaches Fran Thompson and Steph Woomer. This is the team's fifth year together.

Eleven Daniel Boone School District Odyssey of the Mind (OM) teams participated at the Regional Competition at Millersville University on Saturday, March 15. Nine of those teams received outstanding recognition, and four teams are advancing to the Pennsylvania State level in Berwick, Pa. on April 12.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. They then bring their solutions to competition on the local, state, and World level.

More than 2,000 people attended the Regional competition last Saturday to support over 600 students involved in 88 teams from 9 counties in the South Central Region of Odyssey of the Mind. Participating students demonstrated teamwork, creative problem-solving, interpersonal support, and the ability to appreciate and enjoy the company and talents of others, during this full day event.

Daniel Boone teams and volunteer coaches to be recognized for their achievements include:


Division I -- Grades K-5

Daniel Boone was represented by one Amity Primary Team, comprised of first and second grade students, Marin Krause, Emma Ceklosky, Mason Betts, Alexandra Woodcock, William Bulafka, and Amanda Spotts and coached by Wendy Spotts. Primary teams are not eligible to advance to a higher level.

Amity Elementary Center students, Ian Oister, Nicholas Fiorani, Sofia Bischof, Connor Bonelli, Sean Purretta, and Jimmy Woodcock, coached by Chris Oister, placed third.

Coach Tina Schroede-Fries Amity Elementary Center team comprised of Skyler Fries, Chloe Fries, Jackson McCloskey, Ava McCloskey, Nathan Millard, Colin Welsh, and Amelia Segaline, placed second and will continue to the State Competition.

Amity Elementary Center students, Jessica Newland, Rose Darlington, Brianna Nguyen, Emma Hackett, and Clara Lacek, coached by Sarah Lacek, placed first, and will also continue to the State Competition.

The team from Birdsboro Elementary Center, Emily Olafson, Charles McGee, Mya Kochel, Lauren Michael, Stephen Hannon, and Dakota Favinger, coached by Julia Olafson and Cindy McGee, earned third place.

Division II -- Grades 6-8

Daniel Boones Middle School was well represented at the Regional competition. Teams included:

Hannah Brown, Taylor Eisenhuth, David Purillo, Emma Hartman, Chris Surkosky, Zoe Thompson, and Rachel Woomer, coached by Stephanie Woomer and Fran Thompson placed first and will advance to the State Competition.

The team of Max Stefanelli, Brady Ferguson, Ben Reno, Ben Spotts, David OBrien, and Cole Scheuring, and coached by Kelly Stefanelli and Tracy Scheuring, placed second and will advance to the State Competition.

Two middle school teams placed third and include Coach Deb Purrrettas team, comprised of Jake Oister, Mary McClelland, Veronica McClelland, Laura Fiorani , Olivia Fiorani, Zoe Sweet, and Valerie Purretta; and Coach Johanna Gerharts team comprised of Lauren Johnson, Julia Bulafka, Victoria Salvatore, Erin Mooney, Jordyn Markle, and Olivia McArtor.

The team of Sarah Zamichielli, Abigail Bulafka, Amanda Johnson, Ashley Benoit, Lyndsay Surkosky, Devyn Brennan, and Alexander Hartman, coached by Felicia Pritchard, presented a detailed solution to their problem, and garnered great experience.

Division III -- Grades 9-12

The Daniel Boone High School team coached by Wendy Sweet, included Virginia Higgins, Hannah Wertz, Kimberly Purretta, Ella Sweet, Gabby Dodson, and Abbey Unger placed third in their problem and division.

The community, friends, and family would like to congratulate all our participants and extend special acknowledgement to the coaches of these talented teams. They are responsible for an inordinate number of hours of work, great patience, leadership skills, and the ability to appreciate and enjoy children.

Led by Daniel Boones OM District Coordinator, Connie Taylor, the school is a leader in the OM program in our region because of the number of student participants demonstrating creativity, problem-solving skills, teamwork, tenacity and perseverance, and positive personal skills. With all of the recent negative press regarding the Daniel Boone School District, it is these activities and awards that remind us that although we are going through tough times, our dedicated students, teachers, and parents are thriving with the academic resources and generous volunteers that are supported by the school district.

We have every reason and opportunity to be proud of our school and these students from Daniel Boone!