Fleetwood Middle School wins Governor's Award for Excellence

Patriot photo by Hilda Hynes Fleetwood Middle School was awarded the Governor's Award for Excellence June 9. Pictured are Secretary of Education Carolyn Dumaresq, students Chantal Cobb and Ian Snyder and Principal Christopher Reading.
Patriot photo by Hilda Hynes Fleetwood Middle School Jazz Band performing at the awards ceremony.

Fleetwood Middle School was awarded the Governor’s Award for Excellence June 9 during an assembly for having achieved a 91.7 percent on the School Performance Profile for the 2012-2013 school year.

Speaking for Governor Corbett was Carolyn Dumaresq, Secretary of Education, “I congratulate the Fleetwood Area School District community for working together to ensure that students are growing academically and are prepared for post-high school success.”

“High-quality educators and school leaders greatly influence student achievement. I applaud Fleetwood Area School District for its excellent educational programs, quality teachers, support staff and administrative team that are dedicated to raising student achievement.”

Obtaining a 90 percent or higher on the school performance profile has not been an easy process. Over the last five to seven years, according to Principal Christopher Reading, “Success has been quite a challenge with all the changes to curriculum.”


Achievement data had to be closely analyzed and instructional practices were carefully reviewed and revised in a continuous effort to better student performance on state testing.

Many aspects of performance are assessed to provide the cumulative score of 91.7 percent for the school. A few of those being Keystone and SSA state testing, year-to-year academic growth and attendance.

The highest grading school in the district and sixth out of the 102 schools in the county for both Keystone and PSSA testing, Fleetwood middle schooler’s can boast the most academic growth in the county. They are number one in growth for math and science and number two in growth for reading and writing.

With an attendance rating of 96.5 percent of students regularly attending classes, Principal Reading congratulated the student body of 828 stating, “You are doing a great job of representing for yourselves, your school and your family. Your attendance performance I think, is a true reflection of the climate here at Fleetwood Middle School.”

Although the student body deserved a round of applause for their success, they applauded the heroes of the day, the teaching staff for the middle school.

Demaresq, “Now a days with so many people wanting instant results, many forget that this kind of success is a growing process. That process is made possible by the superior teaching staff of this great school system. Everything here points to continuous academic progress.”

Superintendent Dr. Paul Eaken said, “The results reflected the efforts of all of the middle school staff. All of the students were challenged to increase their understanding of every lesson.”

In closing, Reading asked for a round of applause for all the teachers and thanked his teaching staff stating, “None of this would be possible without your dedication and hard work.”