St. John's Day Care in Kutztown clowns around at Penny Circus

Submitted photo Penny Circus at St. John's Day Care.
St. John's Day Care children at Kutztown Pool.

This year St. Johnís Day Care had fun clowning around at our annual Penny Circus.

This event is hosted by Mrs. Rutherford and her Latchkey Class. All proceeds go to Friend. Inc. This year the families, staff and children raised more than $150 for Friend. Inc. We thank everyone for their donations.

St. Johnís Day Care Center makes Waves

St. Johnís Day Care Center is keeping cool by the pool. Every year our children take time out of their busy day to cool off from those hot summer days at the Kutztown Pool.


Our teachers have been keeping the children busy all summer with fun crafts, games, and activities. Although the school year is approaching fast our children still have summer on their mind.

For the school year St. Johnís Day Care offers half day preschool programs for the 3 and 4 year old classes, as well as a full-time day care service for families that are interested in care. The day care is offering a free week of care to the first 3 new families that enroll in the month of September. We look forward to a blessed and fun filled year with the children and families this year!

St. Johnís Day Care has been in operation for 26 years. Over the many years of service we have had many enjoyable moments and memories. We thank everyone that has been a part of St. Johnís for making our Day Care such a success.