Kutztown Elementary students welcomed by new Principal Deborah Barnes

New Principal Deborah L. Barnes welcomes students on their first day of school at Kutztown Elementary. Lisa Mitchell — Berks-Mont Newspapers
Lisa Mitchell- Berks-Mont Newspapers Emilis and Annie Schnore and Klara, 5, kindergarten, rode to Kutztown Elementary on the first day of school Aug. 25.

Kutztown >> New Principal Deborah L. Barnes welcomed students Kutztown Elementary students to their first day of school Aug. 25.

“(First day of school) is very exciting for the students and families and for the teachers,” said Barnes. “The teachers have been working hard all summer to prepare for the kids to arrive. That’s what we’re here for, is the students and we’re ready for them to be here.”

Barnes likes that the students come with a lot of anticipation and excitement. “Everybody’s fresh and refreshed from the summer and ready to go.”

First day was spent practicing the new routines in the classroom and cafeteria. Staff were on hand to help students get where they needed to go.


“I’m excited to be here and I’m very much looking forward to a wonderful school year at KES,” said Barnes.

Ryleigh Bohnig, 10, 5th grade, said going back to school was “awesome.” “I get to see my friends again,” said Ryleigh who was looking forward to meeting her teacher. Her sister Kaydence Bohnig, 7, 2nd grade, was looking forward “to having fun” at school.

Their favorite subjects are gym and math class, respectively.

Fifth graders Kelly Leiby, 10, and Elena Sewall, 10, were looking forward to an end of boredom. They both like math.

“The teachers” make school fun, they said. “And math class,” said Kelly. “Reading class,” added Elena.

They agreed that they looked forward to seeing their friends on the first day of school.

Sophia Arnold, 10, arrived happy to start her first day of 5th grade. “I’m at the top of the food chain.”

“I’m excited and I’m slightly worried,” said Arnold. “I think it’s going to be more... I’ve gotten use to binders.”

Eric Johnson, Kutztown School Board member, walked with his family to KES for his daughter Bridget’s first day of kindergarten.

“Bridget has been looking forward to the start of kindergarten for a very long time. She could not wait to get out the door today,” said Johnson. “We are very glad to have the faculty here at Kutztown Elementary School that we have. We’ve already seen our new principal in action and I think it’s going to be a great year.”

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