Area All-Berks fall teams announded

Schuylkill Valley's Rebecca Hauser was named to the All-Berks II field hockey squad.
Photo by Lloyd Lutz Hamburg's Joey Cominsky received an Honorable Mention.

Below are listed the local high school sports athletes named to All-Berks and All-Division teams.


All-Berks Offense: Nick Scheidt, Schuylkill Valley

All-Berks Defense: Nick Scheidt, Schuylkill Valley

Second Team Offense: Kyle Smith, Schuylkill Valley


Honorable Mention Offense: Joey Cominsky, Hamburg; Tanner White, Schuylkill Valley; Ian Hamilton, Hamburg; Robert Henne, Hamburg; Joey Raffensperger, Hamburg; Ed Shuttleworth, Schuylkill Valley; Cody Miller, Hamburg; Dillon Reilly, Schuylkill Valley; Austin Bsashore, Hamburg; Nick Sweitzer, Schuylkill Valley; Jacob Moll,m Hamburg; Aaron Smith Schuylkill Valley.

Honorable Mention Defense: Damian Bausher, Hamburg; Cody Miller, Hamburg; Dillon Riley, Schuylkill Valley; Ed Shuttleworth, Schuylkill Valley; Nick Sweitzer, Schuylkill Valley; Nick Kuhn, Hamburg; Greg Johnson, Schuylkill Valley; Tanner Mish, Schuylkill Valley; Connor Sausser (defensive back and punter), Schuylkill Valley.


All-Berks First Team: Austin Freeman, Hamburg; Matthew Prince, Hamburg.

All-Berks Second Team: Dustin Rohrbach, Hamburg

All-Division 2 Team: Mason Schnabel, Hamburg; Dustin Rohrbach, Hamburg; Frank Melvin, Schuylkill Valley;

All-Division 2 Honorable Mention: Bailey Koehn, Hamburg; Tyler Seidel, Hamburg; Chris Kummerer, Hamburg; Tristan Werber, Schuylkill Valley; Ryan Ramich, Schuylkill Valley.

All-Division 3 Team: Noah Carles, Tulpehocken; Vance Gradwell, Tulpehocken; Thomas Ulrich, Tulpehocken.

All-Division 3 Honorable Mention: Raul Bazan, Tulpehocken; James Rissmiller, Tulpehocken; Matt Martin, Tulpehocken.


All Division 2 Team: Sophie Goad, Schuylkill Valley; Erika Miller, Schuylkill Valley; Megan Jardine, Schuylkill Valley; Chyanne Lesher, Hamburg

All-Division 2 Honorable Mention: Sarah Mertz, Hamburg; Ally Vaughn, Hamburg; Caitlyn Gannon, Schuylkill Valley; Lauren Stephany, Schuylkill Valley.

All-Division 3 Team: Myriah Troutman, Tulpehocken; Alexis Troutman, Tulpehocken; Kailee Ziegler, Tulpehocken; Lauren Frantz, Tulpehocken; Brooke Boyer, Tulpehocken; Alondra Velazquez, Tulpehocken; Olivia Stephan, Tulpehocken; Jamie Fisher, Tulpehocken.

All-Division 3 Honorable Mention: Victoria Stump, Tulpehocken; Kristen Ziegler, Tulpehocken.


All-Berks Team: Karlie Heistand, Hamburg

All-Division 2 Team: Andrea Capitella, Hamburg; Rebecca Hauser, Schuylkill Valley; April Stafford, Hamburg.

All-Division 2 Honorable Mention: Hannah Shirk, Hamburg; Nikkole James, Hamburg; Emma Bressler, Schuylkill Valley; Gracey Butsack, Schuylkill Valley; Kourtney McEwen, Schuylkill Valley.

All-Division 3 Team: Cody Hunsicker, Tulpehocken; Annie Jay, Tulpehocken; Sonya Laley, Tulpehocken; Breanne Smith, Tulpehocken.

All-Division 3 Honorable Mention: Rebekah Brossman,

Tulpehocken; Kayla Paulson, Tulpehocken; Kayle Huey, Tulpehocken.


All-Division 2 First Team: Anna Johns, Schuylkill Valley.

All-Division 2 Second Team: Abby Boyer, Schuylkill Valley; Annika Hemidal, Schuylkill Valley.


All-Berks Team: Clay Stabolepszy, Schuylkill Valley.

All-Division 2 Team: Glen Heck, Schuylkill Valley; Nick Sokolovich, Tulpehocken; Jacob Waltz, Schuylkill Valley; Mason Klopp, Tulpehocken; Chris Yeshulas, Schuylkill Valley.


All-Berks Team: Karlie Heistand, Hamburg.

All-Division 2 Team: Hannah Beatty, Schuylkill Valley.


All-Division 2 Team: Cameron Keener, Hamburg; Ryan Smith, Hamburg.

All-Division 2 Honorable Mention: Austin Manmiller, Hamburg; Ian Vantroba, Hamburg; Brian Koonce, Schuylkill Valley; Edziu Skorpinski, Schuylkill Valley.

All-Division 3 Team: A.J. Gerhart, Tulpehocken.


All-Class AA: Melanie Haas, Hamburg.

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