Keystone Social Club bowling team wins championship

Submitted photo
Scott Kreider bowled a perfect game on Oct. 8.
Submitted photo Scott Kreider bowled a perfect game on Oct. 8.

The Keystone Social Club bowling team in the Berks County Fireman’s Zone 1 & 2 league was recently crowned champs for the 2012-13 season. The bowlers compete on a weekly basis on lane conditions that are not generally comparable to those found in commercial bowling centers.

These conditions are found to be tougher to master, as the lanes are oiled manually versus the aid of an automatic oiling machine, thus creating more room for error with the human element involved.

They travel from house to house, which include two, four and six lane establishments at various Fire Companies (Lyons Station, Goodwill – Hyde Park, Lower Alsace, and Temple) or private clubs throughout the county, sometimes located in basement dwellings.

This is the second championship in the last five years for the Keystone team. This year’s team members were: Dwight Heckman, Grant Willingham, Dennis Strausser, Jon Schappell, Scott Kreider and Brian Gerner. Substituting in their absence when needed were Howard “Hoff” Snyder, Jim Gerner, Matt Schlegel, Randy Hoffman and Ben Cody.


On Oct. 8, 2012, Scott Kreider rolled a perfect 300 game, sandwiched by games of 213 and 201 for a 714 series to start off the season. This was only the third 300 game known to be bowled in the over 80 years that lanes have existed at the Keystone Social Club in Hamburg. The previous two were rolled by Dwight Heckman in January 2006 and Harry Casper in 1942.

Also during this year’s bowling season Brian Gerner eclipsed his previous House record for a three-game series by rolling a 772 with games of 227-277-268. A lot of camaraderie and fun is had by all.

The team is continuing their winning ways in the 2007-2008 season, as they captured the first half and are only six points out of first for the second half. They are scheduled to bowl the Temple Fire Co. team in a position round match at a neutral site of the Goodwill Fire Co. in Hyde Park.