A quick glance at the playoff race

Photo by Lloyd Lutz The Brandywine Heights High School girls' basketball team is tied for second with Tulpehocken in Division 3 of the Berks League at 5-2.
Photo by Ken Johnson The Fleetwood Tigers boys' basketball team are still alive in the battle for second place in Division 2 of the Berks League.

We’re getting down to the home stretch in the high school winter sports season so it’s time to look at the playoff prospects of our local teams. There are still some league games to go on the schedule and many local teams are in the hunt for a division title or playoff spot.

Boys’ Basketball

Fleetwood and Brandywine Heights are right in the mix for either second place and an automatic berth in the Berks League playoffs, or a shot at he wild card spots.

The top two teams in each of the three divisions qualify for the league playoffs. The remaining two spots are wild card teams that are determined by the power rankings.

Fleetwood is alone in third place in Division 2 with a 4-3 record. With three remaining league games on the schedule, the Tigers will have a tough time catching second place Conrad Weiser, a team at 6-1 in league play. It will be tough, but there is a very real chance the Scouts could be caught.


Twin Valley is right behind Fleetwood with a 3-4 record.

Fleetwood has a shot at second place, but they needed to defeated Conrad Weiser at home on Jan. 28. Due to our press deadline, we are unable to report the results of that game.

If the Tigers were able to win it, they would have just games against Schuylkill Valley and Twin Valley. The Panthers are 1-6 on the season and Fleetwood should have little trouble winning that game. Twin Valley will be a tougher opponent, but that game will be in Fleetwood.

Meanwhile, Conrad Weiser has a game at Berks Catholic left on its schedule, an undefeated team that will be very, very tough to beat on its home court.

It will mostly come down to the Conrad Weiser at Fleetwood game. If Fleetwood can beat both Weiser and Twin Valley, they will then be in a tie for second place.

As for Brandywine Heights, they are in fourth place in Division 3 with a 3-4 record. Wyomissing has pretty much clinched the division title at 7-0, but the Spartans are followed by second place Tulpehocken (5-2), and Antietam (4-3).

That means Brandywine is going to have to gain two games on Tulpehocken in order to get the automatic bid to the playoffs. Obviously, with three games left, it will be difficult.

The schedule won’t make it any easy. Both Brandywine and Tulpehocken have a game against undefeated Wyomissing on the schedule, The Trojans’ other two games will be against Kutztown and Oley Valley, both 1-6 on the season. It’s doubtful the Trojans will lose against either of those teams.

That means their only chance will be a wild card based on the power rankings. Unfortunately, the Bullets are 4-12 overall so they won’t have much of a chance for a higher power ranking than the Division 1 teams they will be competing against.

Kutztown is out of the playoff race with a 1-6 record.

Girls’ Basketball

The Fleetwood and Brandywine girls’ teams are both in the playoff hunt, but nothing is certain for either of the teams.

The Fleetwood girls’ are tied for first place with Berks Catholic in the Division 2 standings following the Lady Tigers’ 41-35 victory over previously unbeaten Berks Catholic on Jan. 24. Both teams are 6-1, but Conrad Weiser is close behind with a 5-2 record.

This division will be very interesting because not only does Conrad Weiser play both teams ahead of them in the coming two weeks, they will play them both at home.

They hosted Fleetwood on Jan. 28, but due to our press deadline, we are unable to report the results of the game. If the Tigers were able to win that game, their remaining two games would be against Hamburg (0-7) and Twin Valley (1-6), two teams they should have no trouble beating.

Berks Catholic will also have games against Twin Valley and Schuylkill Valley that they will most likely win. That means it could come down to the final game of the season when the Saints travel to Conrad Weiser for a showdown with the Lady Scouts.

In other words, the division is going to come down to the two games Conrad Weiser has against Berks Catholic and Fleetwood. There are so many possibilities here, that let’s just watch and see what happens.

In Division 3, Brandywine Heights is tied for second place with Tulpehocken at 5-2. Oley Valley is going to win the Division, they are 7-0 at the moment. Wyomissing is still alive in the playoff hunt, but at 3-4, they are barely alive.

With three games left on the league schedule, Brandywine has games with Oley Valley, Wyomissing and Antietam, while Tulpehocken has Oley, Wyomissing and Kutztown left on the schedule.

Much like Conrad Weiser in Division 2, Wyomissing will have a huge say in who gets second place in the division.

It’s a good bet that Brandywine will defeat Antietam, while Tulpehocken will defeat Kutztown. Oley Valley isn’t as dominate as they have been over the past few years, but they are still a very tough team and will play both Tulpehocken and Brandywine at home.

If neither team can upset the Lynx, that means their games will Wyomissing will decide second place. If Wyomissing defeats both Tulehocken and Brandywine, there could be a three-way tie for second place.

Again, this is too close to call. Much can happen over the next two weeks, so nothing is even close to being decided.

Kutztown is out of the race at 1-6 in Division 3.

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