Local athletes honored as All-Berks selections

Photo by Rod James
Exeter's Brett Kulp was name to the All-Berks wrestling first team.
Photo by Rod James Exeter's Brett Kulp was name to the All-Berks wrestling first team.
Photo by Rod James
Exeter's Ethan Stever earn All-Berks first team honors in wrestling.
Photo by Rod James Exeter's Ethan Stever earn All-Berks first team honors in wrestling.

The Berks County League recently announced its All-Berks selection for the winter high school sports season. Below are the local players honored.


All-Divison 1: Reid Hoff, Gov. Mifflin; Michal Menet, Exeter; Stevan Rodriguez, Gov. Mifflin; Kenny Worthington, Daniel Boone.

Division 1 Honorable Mention: Dan Downs, Daniel Boone; Dan Garcia, Exeter; Brett Gilbert, Exeter; Steve Sievers, Daniel Boone; Taylor Trojanowski, Exeter.


All-Division 1: Jen Eck, Exeter; Madison Koehler, Gov. Mifflin.


Honorable Mention: Melissa Martin, Gov. Mifflin; Taylor Keys, Daniel Boone; Katye Johnson, Exeter; Ali Snyder, Exeter.


All-Berks: Austin Desanto, Exeter; Brett Kulp, Exeter; Ethan Stever, Exeter; Jan Johnson, Gov. Mifflin; Tristan Watts, Exeter.

All-Division 1: Zach Sheetz, Gov. Mifflin; Allen Arentz, Gov. Mifflin; Scott Baker, Exeter; Ben Maack, Gov. Mifflin.

Honorable Mention: Owen Powell, Daniel Boone; Tyler Bagoly, Exeter; James Harkness, Exeter; Alex Centeno, Gov. M<ifflin; Colin Johnson, Gov. Mifflin; Dillon James, Gov. Mifflin; Dylan Harr, Gov. Mifflin.


All-Berks First Team: Ryan Owens, Daniel Boone; Sterg Dikos, Gov. Mifflin; Oliver Knabb, Exeter.

Governor Mifflin’s 200 medley relay team of John Kersikoski, Kyle McElroy, Sterg Dikos and Owen Hanna.

Governor Mifflin’s 200 free relay team of Sterg Dikos, Owen Hanna, Kyle McElroy and John Kersikoski.

All-Berks Second Team: Trent Groff, Exeter.

All-Berks Third Team: John Kersikoski, Gov. Mifflin; Nick Tomczyk, Exeter; Owen Hanna, Gov. Mifflin.

Exeter 400 free relay team of Danny Leskowicz, Logan Winchester, Oliver Knabb and Trent Groff.


All-Berks First Team: Morgan Miskovitz, Exeter; Elizabeth Chemey, Exeter; Gabriella Johnson, Gov. Mifflin.

All-Berks Second Team: Elli Machado, Exeter.

All-Berks Third Team: Dayne Martin, Gov. Mifflin.

Gov. Mifflin 200 medley relay team of Morgan McMahon, Gabriella Johnson, Dayne Martin and Allie Mueller.

Gov. Mifflin 200 free relay team of Gabriella Johnson, Allie Mueller, Neena Gollub and Morgan McMahon.


All-Berks: Mike Kazmierczak, Exeter.

All-Division 1: Ethan Resh, Daniel Boone; Nick Diggan, Gov. Mifflin; Alex Blood, Daniel Boone, Austin Kerper, Daniel Boone.


All-Division 1: Allyssa Wharton, Gov. Mifflin; Brianna Dreisbach, Gov. Mifflin; Nicole Stambaugh, Gov. Mifflin.


All-Berks First Team: Andrew Drzotell, Exeter; Ryan Marks, Gov. Mifflin; Dylan Sacks, Daniel Boone; Skyler Pugh, Exeter; Ben Cirba, Exeter.

All-Berks Second Team: Alex Cortellessa, Gov. Mifflin; Connyr Aungst, Daniel Boone; Reese Buckholz, Exeter.

Honorable Mention: Brandon Sacks, Daniel Boone; Jason Burns, Daniel Boone; Bryan O’Toole, Daniel Boone; Jack Orendorf, Daniel Boone; Jamie Burns, Daniel Boone; Colton McMullen, Exeter; Lucas Garner, Gov. Mifflin.

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