Doug Manmiller a winner again at Grandview Speedway

Photo by Rich Kepner
Brian Sipe gets side ways, and #93, Rick Todorow is involved as race winner Chuck Schutz squeaks by.
Photo by Rich Kepner Brian Sipe gets side ways, and #93, Rick Todorow is involved as race winner Chuck Schutz squeaks by.
Photo by Rich Kepner
Doug Manmiller wins his second of the season at Grandview Speedway on April 19.
Photo by Rich Kepner Doug Manmiller wins his second of the season at Grandview Speedway on April 19.

Last season at Grandview Speedway Doug Manmiller was only able to muster up one feature victory to his credit in the NASCAR Modified division. On Saturday night he won his second feature race of the season and showed that he is planning to be a factor in the chase for the point title. Defending champion Jared Umbenhauer drove to his second win of the season in the Sportsman division while past champion Chuck Schutz got his first win of the season in the Late Model feature race.

The Shoemakersville leadfoot didnt have an easy task claiming the win in the 30-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Modified feature. Manmiller battled with Kevin Hirthler starting on the sixth lap as the pair weaved through lapped traffic later on. Manmiller quickly dove underneath Hirthler for the lead on the 28th lap after Hirthler made contact with the backstretch wall and with one lap to go Manmiller bounced off the fourth turn inside guard rail with Jeff Strunk in pursuit. Manmiller hung on for the win to put the Josh Biever-owned No. 46 in victory lane. Manmiller commented that the lap cars worked to his advantage on the multi-grooved track when they switched from the inside lane to the high lane. He also picked up an additional $250 from T.P. Trailers, Limerick.

Chuck Schutz claimed his first 25-lap NASCAR Late Model feature in the Ty Zeigler-owned No. ONE. The division recently acquired Bernheisel Race Cars as a major sponsor. Schutz, a bit dejected in the winners circle since while he battled for second with defending point champion Jason Miller they collided. Miller spun, collected the first turn wall and was through for the night. But as racing goes things happen. T.P. Trailers awarded the winner with a $100 bonus.

Jared Umbenhauer, behind the wheel of the Barry Bashore-owned No. 5, scored back-to-back victories in the 25-lap NASCAR Sportsman feature as he was able to hold off Brett Kressleys challenges.


Racing action will return to Grandview on Saturday, April 26 at 7 p.m. with another tripleheader card featuring the NASCAR 358 Modifieds, Late Models and Sportsman stock cars.

Rookie Kyle Borror led for five laps at the start in the Modified feature before Hirthler, on his bumper since the fourth circuit, shot to the outside on the backstretch to put the Green Lane/Wm. Penn family owned/PPB No. 117 ahead as the pack came around to complete lap six. At the same time Manmiller dove underneath Borror for second to challenge Hirthler.

Lap 13,was an unlucky one for Howard. Howard sat in the fourth turn with a collapsed front end in the Petruska No. 66 after Smith, who received a flat tire in the ordeal after contact was made and had to go pit side to bring out the only caution in the event. Hirthler held his line of the restart, but Manmiller gave him no room to falter.

Hirthler, who hasnt visited victory lane since he won the Forrest Rogers Memorial on August 11, 2012, opened a slight margin, but Manmiller built up steam to close in on him and made several runs as the lap traffic decided to move up the track. This caused Hirthler to change his style and line. Reeling the front runner in was Strunk, who won the second 20-lap event last week. It was a three-way battle for first with five laps to go and neither driver left off the gas and handled the slower traffic that was also racing for positions.

With two laps to go Manmiller was the new leader after Hirthler bounced off the backstretch boilerplate. Hirthler held on for second, but Strunk overtook him on the white flat lap.

Despite contact with the fourth turn infield guard rail and getting a flat tire, Manmiller emerged the winner trailed by Cozze, Hirthler and Craig Von Dohren. Ryan Grim, Tim Buckwalter, Jordan Umbenhauer, Ray Swinehart and Kyle Weiss, a Cargo Trailers certificate recipient completed out the top ten.

Heats were won by Manmiller, Borror, Hirthler and Don Norris Jr. Mike Gular and Nate Christman won the consies.

Late Model action saw Steve Butler take the early lead followed by 13 rookie Dan Green, Jason Miller, defending point champion; John Giesler and Schutz.

Green took over first on the fourth lap to set the pace for the rest of the field.

Green, Miller, Schutz, Sean Merkel, opening night feature winner and Butler completed the front five as they encountered lap cars with seven laps in the books.

The lead changed on the 15th lap when Schutz dove underneath Green going down the backstretch.

The final yellow was on the 16th lap when Green spun along the backstretch and Randy Stoudt, last weeks feature winner, was now second. Schutz wasted no time keeping the Doug Meyers powered mount in front on the restart as he knew Stoudt was right behind.

Schutz held on to first until the wave of the checkered trailed by Stoudt, Sam Schlosberg, Sean Merkel and Bryon Sipe. Rounding out the top ten were Lou Egrie, Dave Ogin, Bill Henning, Giesler and Green, recipient of the Cargo Trailers certificate.

Schlosberg and Stoudt were the heat winners.

Brandon Whitmoyer led the Sportsman feature for one lap before his brother Craig Whitmoyer overtook him on the second circuit.

While the Whitmoyer diced for first, behind them Guy Germano, Kenny Gilmore and Jamie Undercoffler tussled for positions.

B. Whitmoyer and Gilmore engaged in a two-car battle for second which gave C. Whitmoyer some leeway.

Gilmore overtook second on the seventh lap and set his sights on C. Whitmoyer. Gilmore soon began to close in on C. Whitmoyer.

At the Dans Deli -way hoagie mark, Umbenhauer tried to dive underneath C. Whitmoyer, but was rebuffed.

On lap 14 Umbenhauers move stuck as he was the new pacesetter with C. Whitmoyer, Kressley, opening night feature winner; B. Whitmoyer and Brian Hirthler in tow.

Craig Whitmoyers bad luck continued when he spun in the first turn for the final caution on lap 15. It was still Umbenhauer in front, but now Kressley was giving him a run for the money.

Kressley made a bold move on the outside of Umbenhauer coming off turn four, but was pinched along the homestretch easing his momentum slightly. Behind them trying to benefit on the situation were B. Hirthler, B. Whitmoyer and Brad Brightbill.

Umbenhauer never looked back and went on to claim back-to-back wins (having also won on April 12th). Kressley hung on for second followed by B. Hirthler, B. Whitmoyer and Brightbill. Ryan Lilick, Germano, Ryan Beltz, Tom Miller and Joe Funk II, Cargo Trailers certificate recipient completed the top ten.

Both Whitmoyers and Beltz won the heats.


Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1. Doug Manmiller, 2. Jeff Strunk, 3. Frank Cozze, 4. Kevin Hirthler, 5. Craig Von Dohren, 6. Ryan Grim, 7. Tim Buckwalter, 8. Jordan Umbenhauer, 9. Ray Swinehart, 10. Kyle Weiss, 11. Mike Kellner, 12. Mike Gular, 13. Kyle Borror, 14. John Willman, 15. Terry Meitzler, 16. Don Norris Jr., 17. Nate Christman, 18. Jon Kellner, 19. Kyle Follweiler, 20. Todd Smith, 21. Eric Biehn, 22. Brian Houseknecht, 23. Bobby Gunther-Walsh, 24. Chris Esposito, 25. Mike Laise, 26. Chris Gambler, 27. Duane Howard, 28. Ron Seltmann Jr. DNQ: Tommy Scheetz III, Meme DeSantis, Brad Arnold, Ryan Kunkle, Justin Grim, Andy Ressler.

Late Model Feature (25 Laps): 1. Chuck Schutz, 2. Randy Stoudt, 3. Sam Schlosberg, 4. Sean Merkel, 5. Bryon Sipe, 6. Lou Egrie, 7. Dave Ogin, 8. Bill Henning, 9. John Giesler, 10. Dan Green, 11. Rick Todorow, 12. Steve Butler, 13. Dirk Rimrott, 14. George Irwin, 15. Ron Kline, 16. Jason Miller, 17. Kory Fleming, 18. Wayne Pfeil, 19. Lou Egrie Jr., 20. Buddy Mertz, 21. Cory Merkel.

Sportsman Feature (25 Laps): 1. Jared Umbenhauer, 2. Brett Kressley, 3. Brian Hirthler, 4. Brandon Whitmoyer, 5. Brad Brightbill, 6. Ryan Lilick, 7. Guy Germano, 8. Ryan Beltz, 9. Tom Miller, 10. Joe Funk II, 11. Jordan Henn, 12. Erik Renninger, 13. Craig Whitmoyer, 14. Jim Housworth, 15. Ken Eckert Jr., 16. Paul Kline. 17. Dave Bartram, 18. Ron Krex, 19. Jason Neidlinger, 20. Kenny Gilmore, 21. Jamie Undercoffler, 22. Dean Bachman, 23. Kaitie McCardle. DNS: Brad Grim.