50 teams celebrate life of Coach Dean Secord at Memorial Soccer Tournament

Record photos by Nathan Muller Chase Rusden of the "Secord's Seniors" leads the ball during the Secord Memorial Soccer Tournament held in memory of former Twin Valley Coach Dean Secord on April 27.
Record photos by Nathan Muller Secord Memorial Soccer Tournament was held in memory of former Twin Valley coach Dean Secord on April 27. The "Secord's Seniors" Matt Patterson, Mark Berry, Christian Niedenthal, Bret Beebe, James Valihuren and Chase Rusden.

Twin Valley High School hosted a futsal soccer tournament on April 27 for the Secord family.

Dean Secord, the former TVHS head men’s varsity soccer coach, was killed in a car accident Feb. 2, 2014.

TVHS hosted the tournament to raise money for Dean Secord’s family. The tournament was an all-out 4x4 futsal soccer tournament with concessions, referees, 14 divisions and 50 teams.

In addition to the money raised from the team entry fee, TVHS had a donation box near the entrance to the field, and they sold T-shirts to help raise money for the Secords.


When asked about her reaction to the number of people involved at the tournament, Jennifer Secord, Dean Secord’s widow, said, “Wow. I am proud of who my husband was and how many people he impacted.”

Jennifer said that she was so proud of the community for coming together. She said that “Dean wanted to see the love of the game, and to see it come together today is amazing.”

When asked what is the best part of the tournament, Jennifer said that the best part is definitely that their “sons get to see the impact their dad made.” She also said that “people, because of who Dean was, want to help our sons.”

When asked what she would like to say to the local community, Jennifer said that there are “not enough words to express my gratitude. I’m thankful, blessed, and proud to live in the community and to be raising our sons here.”

“Secord’s Seniors” was a team compiled of Dean Secord’s players who are graduating this year, Chase Rusden, James Valihura, Matt Patterson, Christian Niedenthal, Bret Beebe and Mark Berry.

When asked why they decided to enter the tournament, “Secord’s Seniors” said that they entered because they knew that the tournament would raise money to help the Secords.

“Secord Seniors” said that the best part of the tournament was definitely the turnout. They were blown away by the number of people that came to support the Secord family.

When asked what made Coach Secord a great coach, “Secord’s Seniors” said that Coach Secord’s passion and “willingness to connect to players on and off the field” are what made him not only a great coach, but a great person.

“Secord’s Seniors” said that having Dean as their coach and their team chemistry set them apart from the other teams.

When asked what their expectations were for the tournament, “Secord’s Seniors” said that they hoped that people “realize what this tournament symbolizes.”

“Secord’s Seniors” said being in this tournament is completely different because of the atmosphere. It is “not about winning, but about helping a family in need.”

When asked why people should play in this tournament next year, “Secord’s Seniors” said that the tournament will continue to help a local family in need.

Heather Rusden, one of the people responsible for putting the tournament together, said that they still were not sure how much was raised, but said “it went really well.”

The soccer tournament next year will be held on the first Sunday in June, and they are hoping to double the amount of teams involved. T-shirts are still available to purchase, call Heather at 610-633-3016.