Berks Christian Alice in Wonderland

Berks Christian School in Birdsboro together with West-Mont Christian Academy in Pottstown presents "Alice In Wonderland" on March 26 to 28. Come to 926 Philadelphia Ave., Birdsboro, to watch as Alice finds her way home. Pictured are cast members from left to right: Taylor London as Queen of Hearts, Brayden Halter as March Hare, Emily Davis as Alice, Jerry Balog as Mad Hatter and Savannah MaGee as Humpty Dumpty.

Berks Christian School in Birdsboro partnered with West-Mont Christian Academy in Pottstown to present “Alice in Wonderland” but with state-wide school closing they announced on Saturday, March 14, that the March 26 to 28 shows have been postponed.

The play is based on the classic book by Lewis Carroll and adapted by Anne Coulter Martens.

Berks Christian School’s production of “Alice in Wonderland” is directed by Rebekah Klase, Ben Smither and Phil Warner.

The following is the list of all students involved with Alice in Wonderland.

12th grade: Emily Davis and Alice Taylor London as Queen of Hearts; Jake Hallman as King of Hearts and Caterpillar; Amber Denobrega as the Cook, Gardener and Spade 2; and Emir Edwards as Stage Crew.

11th grade: Izzy Werkheiser as Duchess; Savannah MaGee as Humpty Dumpty, First Lady; Marcos Angeles as Knave; Payton Jones as Tweedledee and Solider; Leah Moses as White Rabbit and Yellow flower.

10th grade: Brayden Halter as Cheshire Cat and March Hare; Jerry Balog as Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter; Leah Wisler as Gryphon, Violet flower and Spade 7; Ethan Meissner as Stage Crew; Grant Seville as Stage Crew; Kiara Cosme as Tech Crew; and Deacon McCoy as Tech Crew.

9th grade: Megan Wismer as Tweedledum and Courtier; Daeja Burgess as Spears, Mock Turtle, White flower and Spade 5.

8th grade: Dylan Troncelliti as Executioner and Tech Crew; Amelia Seville as Pink flower, Heart child and Courtier; Liam Boyles as Solider; Gwen Bare as Dormouse and Heart child.

7th grade: Hannah Wetzel as Rose and blue flower, and Solider.

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