You are invited to discover what's on the walls at Greshville Antiques and Fine Art during The Annual Berks County Art Show "Realism to Abstract!" on Oct. 6 through Oct. 13.

Show hours are noon to 5 p.m. each day at Greshville Antiques and Fine Art, 1041 S. Reading Ave., Boyertown.

No matter what your desire or decor, there is something for everyone — traditional, realism, impressionism, modernism, and even fantasy and abstract art! All from the school of artists of Berks County.

There are works by the nationally recognized prominent local painters Ben Austrian, Francis Devlan, Christopher Shearer, Frederick Spang, and John Heyl Raser. Complementing these are works by Mary Leisz, Eugene Reeser, Earl Poole, and Charles Witman.

In this year's show is a collection of works by Victor Shearer (1872-1951), along with his personal 100-year-old library. In "The Secret of Victor Shearer,” an article written by Barbara Goda, Victor's close friend Rufus Sweigart states "There were only two things Vic liked to do — paint and read. He would rather go without food than give them up." Come and explore his paintings and his library.

The earliest works in the show are renditions by Jacob Schoener (1805-1846) who studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. In 1842 Schoener traveled to Key West and Havana, documenting his trip with an illustrated journal. His works are rare finds and include miniatures and portraits.

From there the show shifts to the mid-20th century group of Berks County artists — Frederick Sands Brunner, William Ferguson, Jack Coggins, and Alma Wood. These artists produced illustrative works, modernist, abstract and fantasy art. Of particular interest are modernist paintings by William Ferguson (1905-1985) who at an early age knew his calling to be an artist. While studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, he traveled to Paris on a Cresson Scholarship to study with the French Surrealists.

There is a selection of oil paintings, watercolors, and etchings - from portraits and landscapes to still lifes and genre scenes. There is a wide array of choices.

All of the paintings exhibited in this show will be available for purchase and are guaranteed as represented. Along with the collection of BERKS COUNTY ART, the gallery also carries a collection of 19th and 20th century American and European art, and quality American and European clocks and furniture from tradition to vintage and midcentury modern.

Kurt and Valerie Malmberg, the owners of Greshville Antiques and Fine Art, have been researching Berks County artists and their works for over 35 years. They are considered the leading authorities and appraisers of Berks County Art, and assist auction houses, institutions, appraisers, and collectors in evaluating and purchasing this rediscovered regional art. The Malmbergs are members of several local and national antique and historical organizations, and participate in local lectures, shows, and charity appraisal days.

For more information, contact Valerie Malmberg at Greshville Antiques and Fine Art at 610-367-0076 or at

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