Jane Stahl and Susan Biebuyck of Studio B Fine Art Gallery in Boyertown

Jane Stahl and Susan Biebuyck share how serendipity brought two women in different stages of their lives together to establish Studio B Fine Art Gallery in Boyertown at “A Love-ly Story: How the ‘B’ Came to Be.” The Facebook LIVE event on Feb. 14 replaces the Hugs and Kisses reception that became another casualty of COVID. The event also honors the many donors that have supported the studio since opening in 2008.

Studio B Fine Art Gallery in Boyertown celebrates its story of origin and its donors during a Facebook LIVE event “A Love-ly Story: How the ‘B’ Came to Be.”

For the past two years, Studio B hosted a Valentine’s Day Hugs and Kisses reception to honor the many donors for their donations that have supported the existence of the studio since opening its doors at 39A East Philadelphia Ave. in December 2008. This year, the Hugs and Kisses reception has become another casualty of COVID.

“We would have enjoyed our third annual Hugs and Kisses celebration of our donors this year,” said Jane Stahl, Director of Community Relations. “For the past two years, we have invited them for champagne and chocolate… and an array of appetizers created by artist and potter Linda Austerberry. But obviously, gatherings such as these are discouraged this year. And so, instead, we are celebrating our donors in several other ways.”

This year, the studio celebrates donors via the Facebook LIVE event "A Love-ly Story: How the ‘B’ Came to Be” held from 6 to 7 p.m. on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14.

Amy Muzopappa, who is the woman behind the camera recording the studio’s Facebook LIVE events, was inspired by a question posed by one of the studio's artists.

During a recent video recording with several artists, one of the artists asked Stahl how the studio began and how she became involved.

"I was fascinated to hear her tell the studio’s history and told Jane that the ‘love story’ of the studio’s beginnings should be shared,” Muzopappa said. “And Valentine’s Day this year seemed to be a perfect time to tell the story.”

During the event Stahl and gallery director Susan Biebuyck will tell the origin story of Studio B, the serendipity that brought two women in different stages of their lives together in service to a shared mission.

Their partnership in the business of providing a space for local art and artists has resulted in an enduring friendship that has sparked their creativity resulting in 13 successful years of serving more than 800 artists and hundreds of students — children and adults — in the visual and literary arts, along with thousands of members of the community — nurturing what Biebuyck terms the soul of the Boyertown area community.

“We will also thank our donors — community members and leaders, volunteers, friends, businesses and non-profits — in daily Facebook posts from Feb. 1 to 14. The studio survives because of their support,” said Stahl.

The studio also recognizes donors through its Beamer Club. The names of donors can be seen on the studio’s ceiling beams. Each year the studio adds names of their new Beamers who join to offer their monetary support.

“We all share in the goal of maintaining a strong community and know that a thriving arts and culture scene in a community contributes to the economic growth and stability of a community, attracts families to move into the area, take pride in home ownership, and participate in the community,” said Biebuyck.

“We hope you’ll join us to celebrate our ‘love-ly story,” said Stahl. “And we hope you will help us thank our donors in any way you are able. Perhaps you’ll become a donor yourself."

In addition, the duo thank Muzopappa for inspiring them to create the studio Facebook LIVE events and especially Feb. 14’s opportunity to share some of the details of its beginnings.

"We sometimes can’t believe how the stars aligned that activated the onset of our journey," said Stahl. “And we hope you’ll visit our exhibits, buy some art, donate if you can to help us continue our efforts to bring art and culture to our beloved community."

Studio B's LIVE events are archived on Facebook and will soon be available on the studio's new YouTube channel.

Visit Studio B at www.studiobbb.org or Studio B Art Gallery or Studio B Virtual Exhibit Group on Facebook. The studio is open on Sundays 12 to 2 p.m. or by appointment. Call or text Susan Biebuyck 484-332-2757 or Jane Stahl 610-563-7879.

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