Fleetwood Girl Scout Junior Troop 1956 visited the Reading Public Museum to earn their Entertainment Technology badge.

Their instructor first showed them how to hand make thaumatropes. A thaumatrope is a device in early film making where a disc has a different photo on each side and when twirled, the photos appear to become one (example — a horse on one side and a rider on the other and when spun, the rider appears to be on top of the horse.)

Later in the session, the group split up and were given various materials so that each group could create their own roller coaster STEM design. While the roller coaster test tracks had several issues, the girls' final designs were amazing!

The troop learned how to make their own 3D glasses and viewed several 3D pictures. After the session was over, they were able to tour the museum and were also excited to participate in an acoustic experiment by testing sound waves in and outside of the museum.

Before they left for the afternoon, they switched their focus and learned how to make digital movies.

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