Hamburg artist Martha Ressler was accepted into Quilt National’19 — an international show of quilt art.

Located at the Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio, Quilt National is celebrating its 40th exhibition. Of 700 quilts, 84 were selected for this show.

Ressler’s work, “From the Other Side of the Wall,” is a 9” x 90” hand-stitched construction, made up of 10 smaller quilts depicting the color and vibrancy of Tijuana, Mexico.

“This piece has roots in a trip I made to Eastern Europe. I was particularly moved by a first-hand account of Nov. 9, 1989, when ecstatic crowds breached the Berlin Wall and began to tear it down,” said Ressler. “A few months later I visited a friend in San Diego and asked her to give me a tour of her hometown, Tijuana. She did so, showing me the innovative street art and especially the highly decorated Mexican side of the border wall that the U.S. has constructed on that part of the 2000-mile boundary between the U.S. and Mexico.”

Ressler said she made 15 small quilts, using fabrics, found objects or souvenirs, and little drawings she made of Tijuana. She connected them in a log row, like a wall.

“The rods between the sections simulate rebar, a steel reinforcing rod in concrete. But the orange construction fencing conveys the idea of both “fencing” and “temporary.” I feel that history has taught us, via the downfall of the Berlin Wall, that these walls between people are transitory. I await the day when a future generation cries, “Tear down this wall!”

The jurors for Quilt National ’19 were Françoise Barnes, Carolyn Ducey, and Judy Kirpich.

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