Lewis & Clark lectures coming to Tel Hai

Ross Kershey returns to Tel Hai offering a four-week lecture series on the Lewis & Clark Expedition beginning Friday, September 21, 2012 at 1:00pm in the Garrett Community Center. Pre-registration is requested.

Honey Brook Twp, PA-Educator Ross Kershey will return to Tel Hai on Friday, September 21 at 1:00 PM to begin a four-week lecture series on the Lewis and Clark Expedition-also known as the Corps of Discovery. The course fee of $40 payable to Widener University will be due at the first class session.

This 'great adventure' began with President Thomas Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803. Choosing his personal secretary, Meriwether Lewis to head the exploration, the group was sent in search of a water route that would connect the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis, a frontiersman, joined by William Clark-a draftsman and frontiersman of considerable skill-began their trek in May 1804. Kershey notes, 'We knew far more about the moon before Neil Armstrong landed then than Lewis and Clark knew about the next bend of the river.' This perilous journey introduced them to new plants, animals and natural wonders-such as Yellowstone-but also exposed them to the threat of bitter winters and hostile Indian tribes. When they returned two years, four months and ten days later, word of their return to St. Louis in September 1806 was marked by celebration.

The lecture will be held in Tel Hai's Garrett Community Center located on their campus off Beaver Dam Road, east of Route 10 in Honey Brook Township. The program is offered through the Life Enrichment Committee (LEC); the general public is welcome to join Tel Hai residents for this fascinating program. Seating is limited; pre-registration is requested. Please call Bill Morling of LEC at 610-273-4165 to reserve your place.

The instructor, Ross Kersey, is a well-known and revered instructor and coach, retired from the Coatesville School District. There he taught American History for 42 years and coached basketball and track. Named Educator of the Year in 1981, he was also inducted into the PA State Athletic Hall of Fame.

The Tel Hai retirement community has provided more than 56 years of service to seniors in Chester County. This nationally accredited non-profit offers a worry-free residential lifestyle, personal care, rehabilitation and health care services.

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