Line dance scene in the movie "Dust Nuggets."

After a year of planning, shooting, and editing, the much anticipated film, "Dust Nuggets," is finally ready to be pre-screened at the Hamburg Strand, 6 S. Fourth St., Hamburg, on Sept. 29 at 1 p.m.

Dust Nuggets, which includes Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Inherent Vice, Pope of Greenwich Village) and Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager, China Beach, The Wonder Years) in the cast was shot in numerous places around Berks County in March and June of this year.

Most cast and crew members were hired locally but some were imported from New York and New Jersey. Filmmakers Sue Lange and Andrew Pochan are both Reading residents.

Following the receipt of a rural arts grant from the Berks Community Foundation, the team put together a script and made plans to shoot in Hamburg and other areas around the county.

“We originally planned on creating a web series about a goofy band called the Dust Nuggets,” Lange explains. “But after we started writing, the story got much deeper and darker and we realized we had a feature film on our hands.”

The story involves the Dust Nuggets’ band manager who took the band all the way to the top, but acquired a drug habit along the way. She eventually overdosed on a drug called “G” and wound up in a coma. It is her story while in the coma that makes up the film’s narrative.

Pochan explains the reason for the pre-screening. “Because the story is told from someone in a dream state, it’s not always easy to follow,” he says. “We want to find out what audiences are getting from it before we put on the finishing touches.”

Anyone interested in participating in the pre-screening should visit Eventbrite ( and do a search for Dust Nuggets.

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