Muscle on Main transforms Kutztown into car enthusiast's Heaven

Muscle on Main 2011

Back in 2009, a Kutztown Community Partnership board member and a local merchant came up with the idea to have a Main Street car show. Now entering its fourth year is the Muscle on Main Car Cruise in Kutztown, which will be held on July 28.

Normal cruises take place in parking lots or fields, but holding an event like this in a quintessential Main Street setting adds to the nostalgia and appeal.

'People really like it because it's on Main Street,' said John Scott, board president of KCP. 'It turns Main Street into a really nice community place for car enthusiasts and families.'

'Kutztown is still trying to find its signature event,' Scott said.

The Kutztown Fairgrounds and the Borough has events they're known for, but for the most part, downtown Kutztown doesn't.

'We could make this Kutztown's signature event.'

KCP relies on its events to raise funds to help beautify Kutztown.

'We need to have reasons for people to come downtown and we have to have money to be able to promote downtown.'

Muscle on Main is one of KCP's bigger fundraisers and if it can bring in a significant amount of money this year, KCP can do a lot more than it already does, further fulfilling the non-profit's mission.

This year Scott is expecting about 250 cars. The majority of participants are from Berks County and the surrounding area. The event will begin at the parking lot at Kutztown Area High School. There will be two lines for pre-registered vehicles and two lines for unregistered vehicles.

Vehicles will enter Main Street through four different cross streets: Noble Street, Whiteoak Street, Baldy Street and Normal Avenue where it meets College Boulevard. Main Street will be closed from College Boulevard to Constitution Boulevard. Scott hopes these changes will make the event much more organized than it's been in previous years.

A lot of times at car shows, there isn't much diversity amongst the cars. There could be 100 Corvettes and not much else, Scott said. One of the unique things about this car show is that they accept all kinds of vehicles: old and new cars, trucks, bikes and even racecars.

Last year Muscle on Main had about 2,000 visitors. Clearly they're doing something right.

'I think it's so successful because it's a Main Street cruise night,' Scott said. 'That's something that there aren't that many of.'

Scott hopes to expand the event over the course of the next several years, spreading it towards Whiteoak Street and the Fairgrounds.

'We're excited,' he said. 'If we can get past the five-year mark on this event, I really think it could grow and it can last.'

There is a donation per vehicle. Muscle on Main will be held on Main Street, Kutztown on Saturday, July 28 from 3 to 9 p.m. The family-friendly event is free to spectators. Off-street parking is available at the Kutztown Fair Grounds. For more information, visit

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