While the Boyertown State Theatre was not in operation for several months due to the coronavirus, the theatre partnered with Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown to set up a drive-in movie venue.

Charles Haddad of the State Theatre said that Pine Forge fifth grader Chance Ascher gave the drive-in movie experience a double thumbs up.

Ascher, who will be attending Boyertown Middle School West in the fall, was among the Pine Forge Elementary School students and families to attend the Pine Forge Fifth Grade Recognition Night at the Sunnybrook Ballroom Drive-in Theater on June 2.

Hosted by the Pine Forge PTA, about 120 cars drove out to the Pottstown venue to close out the end of the school year.

“With the Pine Forge school scheduled to close, it was a bitter sweet night for the fifth grade students to have the opportunity to say farewell to their teachers and fellow classmates after not being in the classroom for the past two months due to the at-home learning venue caused by the COVID-19 virus,” said Haddad.

With PTA funds raised through bookfairs and other fundraisers, the families were treated to a free pass to see the Walt Disney movie, “Onward.”

“With face masks in place and with restrained ‘hello’s’ because of social distancing, it was a special night for the fifth graders saying goodbye to their classmates, teachers and cherished school where they developed their fond friendships and memories for the past six years,” said Haddad.

Fifth grader Andrew Jani said, “It was a great time and I enjoyed seeing my friends and teachers again. So glad they did it!”

“I have never been to a movie drive-in!! It was so fun to see teachers and friends. The popcorn and chicken tenders were delicious. Thank you for this. I think we should do this again,” said four-grader Kylie Heimbach.

“Sophia has always been so sad on the last day of school, but especially so this year… she said Tuesday night was one of the best nights of her life,” said mother, Jennifer Irey.

“I am so happy to see my friends and go out of the house. I was excited to watch a Disney movie. This was the best day of fourth grade yet,” said Landon Reinert.

“As they prepare to move on to middle school at East or West, the students enjoyed the movie, popcorn and snacks delivered to their cars by theater staff on golf carts,” said Haddad. “It was a night for the digital generation to experience something their grandparents did in the 1950s and 1960s.”

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