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Studio B Fine Art Gallery in Boyertown’s 7th book of poetry and prose and exhibit combined visual and literary art in the exhibit “Superheroes; What the World Needs Now.” A Berks County Community Foundation $7,800 grant supports the 2021 summer exhibit and 8th book entitled "My Favorite Things: Beauties Are Joys Forever."

Studio B Fine Art Gallery in Boyertown continues to combine visual arts with poetry and prose in its new exhibit in summer 2021.

Berks County Community Foundation’s Boyertown Area Charitable Program awarded a $7,800 grant to support the studio’s summer 2021 exhibit combining visual art and its 8th book of poetry and prose entitled "My Favorite Things: Beauties Are Joys Forever."

“Somewhat ironically and also serendipitously, while the theme was ‘in the works’ prior to the COVID crisis, our continuing struggles through 2020 in dealing with the crisis make the need to focus on our joys more relevant than ever,” said Jane Stahl, Director of Community Relations for Studio B.

Jason Brudereck, Director of Communication at Berks County Community Foundation, said that the $7,800 grant was recently presented to Studio B to allow the gallery to stage a fine art and book of poetry exhibit in the summer of 2021.

“The Boyertown Area Charitable Program provides grants to support health, safety, recreation, and other charitable programs in the area served by the Boyertown Area School District,” said Brudereck. “Studio B offers programs that both engage the community and draw people to Boyertown. Several of those programs have received funding from the Community Foundation. Studio B is one of many interesting places to visit in the Boyertown area and it has been one of the local organizations and businesses that have turned Boyertown into a destination in recent years.”

The grant presentation was part of an annual distribution from the Foundation’s Boyertown Area Charitable Program. This year, $80,400 is being awarded among eight recipients. The Foundation will be announcing all of the grant recipients soon.

In April, the Foundation also presented a $5,000 grant to Studio B as part of its COVID-19 Nonprofit Continuity Program to assist with unexpected expenses or revenue losses as a result of the pandemic.

“During that initial emergency program, we distributed $307,800 around Berks County. We have since awarded many other grants that are assisting nonprofits at this time,” said Brudereck.

“We are grateful to the Berks County Community Foundation for their on-going efforts in support of art and culture! They stepped in early in the crisis, recognizing our need to supplant lost opportunities for funding our programs, and provided needed dollars to keep us alive for critical months,” said Stahl.

Stahl said Studio B was encouraged to use the available technology to create ways to provide the community with virtual exhibits, classes and workshops, and Facebook LIVE events featuring the gallery’s visual, literary, and musical arts and artists.

“Honestly, the support of the Community Foundation energized us and motivated our willingness and our efforts to keep the studio alive, and this recent award gives us hope… and, of course, the needed financing… to look forward to our future serving the community. We look forward to continuing our work in providing art and cultural-related activities. We are so very grateful,” said Stahl.

Studio B, which is located at 39A East Philadelphia Ave. in Boyertown. For more information, visit

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