Studio B Fine Art Gallery in Boyertown opens a pop-up exhibit on Oct. 11, between 5 to 7 p.m. featuring the artwork of Kutztown University students Delaney Hensor, Geoffrey Demarro, Morgan Musser, McKayla Michener, and Ariel Walter entitled: “Peer Perspectives.”

The exhibit will run through Oct. 13.

Hensor, curator of the exhibit interning at Studio B, is an Art Education student at KU and is also a textiles and metalsmith artist. In her work, she explores different mediums and techniques to gain a deeper understanding of them to share with her audience. Inspired by organic forms, she explores the concept of growth throughout her body of work.

Demarro is a Ceramics and Textiles artist who explores the boundaries of vessels. Forms of “nests” are incorporated into his work in his exploration of the concept of “home.”

Musseris a Crafts major at KU focusing on textiles and fine metals. Her wearable sculptures and other adornment pieces consider the function and form of the piece from the combined perspectives of the wearer and the viewer.

Michener, a printmaking artist who uses natural and organic forms as inspiration for her prints, holds a deep appreciation for the time-consuming and meditative practices of printmaking. Making art serves as her everyday creative outlet while challenging her to learn and improve her skill set and allowing expression of deep emotions in hopes of creating a reciprocal response in her audience.

Walteris an animator and metalsmithing artist who uses imaginary creatures and historical Irish craft forms as inspiration for her craft forms. Intricate detail and advanced techniques are applied to create unique wearable pieces. Heat patina is one of her biggest technical inspirations in which the metal creates an elegant and unpredictable color scheme offering imaginative and organic elements to her process and her work.

Studio B, located in the heart of historic Boyertown at 39A East Philadelphia Ave., is the home of the Arts and Activities Alliance, a committee of Building a Better Boyertown, a nonprofit Main Street program dedicated to revitalizing small towns.

Studio B celebrates lifelong learning, creativity and personal involvement in the visual and communication arts and seeks to be a dynamic part of Boyertown community, a “go to” destination for learning, fun and friendship. The studio seeks to showcase the work of fine artists in themed exhibits—some juried, some open to all—and welcomes art in diverse media. In addition to art exhibits, workshops, and classes, Studio B also hosts activities and informal gatherings on assorted topics for small groups or meetings, gallery talks, and “Getting to Know You” opportunities.

Visitors are always welcome to view the changing exhibits; take lessons in the visual, literary, and communication arts offered by highly-trained local artists and teachers; and schedule small events or parties in its elegant facility. The studio proudly collaborates with the many unique businesses in the Boyertown community.

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