BOYERTOWN - Saturday at the Boyertown Farmers Market, shoppers and their children were treated to both musical entertainment and tea party delights. Local talent, fifteen-year-old Naelee Rae sang a few cover songs and some of her own original pieces while playing guitar as Patty Fehr owner of the Gilbertsville Tearoom served up pink lemonade, cake and cookies to the many young ladies of the town.

Naelee has been acting and singing since she was only about four years old. A few years back she picked up a guitar and began to teach herself how to play. Since then it has become her dream to be a singer songwriter. At only fifteen, this hard working young woman has already graduated high school and now looks forward to spending sometime furthering her music.

It is her family's hope to get Naelee back to Nashville again this year to work with Larry Beaird of the Beaird Music Group to make her second demo. Beaird has worked with such talent as Brooks and Dunn, Faith Hill and Rascal Flatts but admittedly her family notes this kind of undertaking can be costly and in this economy finding the funds to make there little girls dreams come true can be difficult. This however has not slowed the family down from trying.

Doing all they can to get Naelee's voice heard, her parents have set up a Facebook page and YouTube channel at Naetrick 1 and they welcome anyone who is as believing in her talents as they are to donate to her dream at Naetrick Talent. Naelee is a contestant in this year's Boyertown Idol contest. She hopes to win the five-hundred dollar grand prize and be able to use that money to add to her Nashville fund.

Patty Fehr's dream took shape ten years ago when she opened the Gilbertsville Tearoom. A stay at home wife and mother of three daughters, Patty admits that over the years there have been some questionable times when owning a business can be very challenging but making dreams come true is not always easy work.

Joking and chit-chatting with the many little girls that came dressed in their tea party best as she served up slices of cake donated by Dice's Cakes and lemonade, Patty expressed her excitement for the next big event coming to the tearoom. 'We usually cater to mothers and grandmothers looking for something fun to do with their little girls but Father's Day is a very special time for us. We get to help make Father's Day special for Daddy's and their little girls.'

Reservations for the Father's Day event can be made by calling The Gilbertsville Tearoom at 610-369-0678 and if Father's Day proves to be too busy to stop by for a spot of tea, Patty welcomes guests to come by June 30th for the American Girl Doll Tea Party. However be sure to add your little one's doll to the reservation because at this tea party, food is served to all.

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